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  • She wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer

    Marcella Griffis was nearly 50 when she found her true calling.

    The Harriman mother of four was driving a school bus for the Michael Dunn Center in Morgan County when she met a little girl and her sister who were being neglected at home.

    Griffis did what she could for Priscilla “Prissy” and Kathy, both of whom needed baths and clothes on a regular basis.

    And, she notified the Department of Human Services in Morgan County about the situation, but was told “there was nothing they could do.”

  • Trio breathe life into ‘God’s Man in Texas’

    Roane State Community College is offering a new production in “God’s Man in Texas.”

    The play has only three actors: Corey Jones, Tre Pack and Larry Schenk, and all three bring vastly different characters to life.

  • Harriman using mailing to push for sales tax hike

    Early voting for the Nov. 8 election starts Wednesday, and Harriman officials are hoping city residents approve the sales-tax referendum that’s on the ballot.

    So much so that the City Council voted last week to send a postcard to residents about the referendum.

    “I’m tickled to see this going out,” Harriman Mayor Wayne Best said. “I hope everybody reads it, because we really need the referendum to go through.”

  • Plane as day

    Derrick Headrick president of the Tennessee Eagles Radio Controlled Aircraft Club, shows off a trainer plane at the recent air show at the club field in Harriman.

    The show raised $1,000 for the Children’s Fund.

  • Man claims assault by state House candidate: Video shows Overstreet with weapon
  • Man claims assault by state House candidate: Video shows Overstreet with weapon

    Tyler Overstreet, a candidate for state representative, was accused of barging into a home with his girlfriend this past summer and striking a man with a piece of stove wire.

    On a video clip obtained by Roane County News Overstreet can be seen brandishing the wire and heard calling someone a “boy.”

    “The guy Tyler ran into my friend’s house and started yelling and screaming, then he hit me and a friend with a metal pole,” Ishmael Patterson said in a written statement about the incident. “My wrist is broken.”

  • 242 jobs

    Cars that use carbon fiber parts are already in existence. However, you’d probably have to be a professional racer or have a lot of money to drive one.

    “Lamborghinis, Maseratis, some high end Aston Martins, for performance they’ve got a carbon fiber component,” said Connie Jackson, president of LeMond Composites. “Formula 1 cars are all carbon fiber.”

    So while not unheard of, the material is also not readily available, either.

    “There is some, but not an average car, which is our target,” Jackson said.

  • Police a priority for Rockwood Council hopefuls

    A small crowd gathered at Rockwood City Hall Tuesday to hear from candidates in the Nov. 8 election.

    The forum, sponsored by Rockwood 2000 and moderated by Chavonne Woods, included Tyler Overstreet, independent candidate for 32nd District Tennessee House of Representatives.

    Republican candidate and incumbent Kent Calfee did not attend.

    Rockwood City Council candidates Mike Fuller, incumbent Jason Jolly, Joe Moore and Patrick Shivers attended. Candidate Shane Trew was invited but did not attend.

  • Familiar face for last Council seat

    Kenyon Mee’s time off the Harriman City Council was short.

    He was recently appointed to fill the city’s final vacant Council seat.

    “I was wanting to stay involved and this came up,” Mee said.

    Mee was on the Council, but he didn’t seek re-election this year. His term ended on Aug. 31.

    The city had two Council vacancies when the new terms started on Sept. 1.

    One was created when Wayne Best, formerly a Councilman, was victorious in his bid for mayor.

  • Roane Tea party hoping to Trump governor

    Members of the Roane County Tea Party are unhappy with Gov. Bill Haslam’s recent comments about the presidential race.

    The governor, who is a Republican, issued a statement on Sunday that called for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to step aside in favor of running mate Mike Pence.

    “I’ve had people calling my house saying what the heck is the governor doing,” Roane County Tea Party Chairman Val McNabb said.