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  • Governor convenes two-hour special health-care session

    Gov. Bill Haslam is convening an “extraordinary session” of the 109th General Assembly to consider “Insure Tennessee,” a two-year pilot program to provide health care coverage to Tennesseans who do not currently have access to health insurance or have limited options.

    The program is designed to reward healthy behaviors, promote personal responsibility and incentivize preventative care and healthy choices.

  • OUR OPINION: Kirby Delauter won’t go nameless in this newspaper

    I’m not the resolution kind of gal, but I made one this year:

    I’m going to write more newspaper columns.

    That’s good or bad, depending on your stance. Heck, it’s good or bad depending on my stance, because sometimes life gets in the way of sitting down to a blank page and knocking out prose that you hope will give someone pause or a smile.

    I’d been toying with a column idea for a few days. It’s a lament I share with friends every year, but I haven’t ever put it into the written word.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Ringing out the old, ringing in the new

    After our holiday hiatus, we begin our new series of weekly columns with a bit of looking back at the year past, mixed with a bit of looking forward to the year present and coming on.

    First, on a purely personal note, despite some setbacks and less than perfect developments, 2014 has on the whole been for us a splendid year.

  • Getting, spending grants tricky biz

    Experienced city officials know that securing state and federal grant money is competitive business.

    They also know that if they are lucky enough to land one, the strings that come with it can complicate spending the money.

    When the Kingston City Council met this week, both aspects of the grant process were up for discussion.

  • Woody issues warning for year ahead

    Whether it’s the Roane County Property Assessor’s Office or the state, the 2015 reappraisal will get done.

    Property owners might not like the results, however.

    “You could have a reduction in the value of your home and pay more taxes without a tax increase, because it’s an equalizing process, and it shifts,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “It’s shifted to the lakefront communities, and it’s probably going to shift away from them for a while.”

  • Reappraisal crisis deepens

    The county got another warning letter from the state this week about the reappraisal.

    This one, from Kelsie Jones, executive secretary for the State Board of Equalization, warns Roane County Property Assessor David Morgan to comply with the required actions specified in a Division of Property Assessments memo by Feb. 13.

    If not, “the board must direct DPA to take such measures as will assure compliance with legal requirements for reappraisal with the county being responsible for the full cost,” Jones wrote.

  • New Weigel’s
  • TVA asking customers to reduce electrical use during Wednesday cold snap

    The Tennessee Valley Authority is asking for a voluntary reduction in electricity use until Thursday afternoon as a result of frigid temperatures causing high demand across the Southeast.

    The request extends to all electric power consumers – residential, commercial and industrial customers.

    The voluntary reduction will help ensure a continued supply of power to essential services throughout TVA’s seven-state service territory and avoid interruptions of service.

  • Gas prices tip under $2 in Roane

    Significantly lower gas prices saved Americans big dollars in 2014.

    In fact, according to the travel group AAA, Americans saved $14 billion on gasoline last year.

    Roane County residents are among those breathing a sigh of relief as at least one station has dropped below $2 a gallon.

    For Mary Austin, who works at a gas station/convenience store in Rockwood, the savings has meant longer local trips.