Local News

  • Meeting today for Roane TVA board

    The Roane County Economic Development Foundation will hold a

    special-called meeting at 10 a.m. today (Friday).

    Jim Hopson, a public relations official for TVA, said the projects involve Rockwood and Oliver Springs, but at press time, said he didn’t have details.

    The meeting is at Kingston City Hall in Ladd Landing.

    The foundation was created after the TVA ash spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant as part of an effort to “make whole” the area impacted by the disaster.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: It’s been quite a week for the old curmudgeon

    Gentle reader, today we have more topics roiling around in the old cranium than Carmen Miranda had Cavendish bananas in her headdress.

    (Younger readers can ask their parents to identify the effervescent Latin Bombshell, Carmen Miranda and her fabulous fruit adorned turbans, and can seek guidance on the Cavendish bananas in some botanical tome, or in the more likely source, the internet.)

  • Kindergarten: the next generation

    Naps and early dismissals have long been a thing of the past for yawning kindergarteners. They’re being taught more than ever under stricter guidelines.

    “Some children come to school with a wealth of knowledge,” said Roslyn Eskridge, a kindergarten teacher at Midtown Elementary School.

    “And others come that don’t know colors and shapes and numbers and letters,” she added. “But we are still expected to have them all reading by Christmas.”

  • Smoot back in custody after bond revocation

    Accused murderer Shawn Smoot returned to the Roane County Jail in shackles Tuesday afternoon.

    Smoot was charged with DUI in McMinn County on April 22.

    Roane County Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen revoked his bond in the murder case a day later and issued a warrant for his arrest.

    District Attorney General Russell Johnson’s Office said Smoot was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals at the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute in Chattanooga around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

  • Ruppe gets promotion

    Rockwood City Council’s discussion leading up to promoting Becky Ruppe to city administrator was tame compared to what happened just before.

    Mayor James Watts referred to a social networking post that questioned the city’s recent perfect audit and called the poster “some idiot.”

    The post also accused the mayor and then-city recorder Ruppe of moving numbers about.

    Local businessman Bill Anderson, who was at the meeting, responded.

  • ‘In God We Trust’ proposal

    The words “In God We Trust” could soon be on display at the entrance of the Roane County Courthouse and in the Roane County Commission meeting room.

    A resolution calling for the words to be displayed at those locations is on the agenda for the May 12 county commission meeting.

    “It’s been something that more and more of my constituents, church members and pastors have brought to my attention,” said District 2 Commissioner Randy Ellis, who filed the resolution. “They would like to see it implemented.”

  • Suspicious death probed in East Roane

    A man was found dead from a gunshot wound Sunday afternoon, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is assisting the Roane County Sheriff’s Office in investigating the suspicious death.

    Johnny Franklin Douglas, 73, 33475 Kingston Hwy., was found near his workshop at his home.

    “The cause of death was definitely a gunshot wound to the area of the head,” said Sheriff Jack Stockton.

    Stockton said it cannot be determined if it was self-inflicted or if someone else did it by the trajectory of the shot.

  • ORNL announces breakthrough in superconductivity

    Scientists have a clearer understanding of how to control the appearance of a superconducting phase in a material, adding crucial fundamental knowledge and perhaps setting the stage for advances in the field of superconductivity.

  • Rockwood adds police position

    Rockwood City Council members voted to create a new patrolman position on Monday.

    “What we are asking for is one additional,” said Chief Danny Wright. “Steven Bryant has been on extended leave for almost 10 months well, actually, since Aug. 1.

    “What we’d like to do at least at this point is put it in there until someone retires. Of course, what I would like to see is for it to become permanent,” Wright said.

  • Gallaher remains free on bond despite new charge

    Eric Gallaher can remain free on bond while his felony cases are pending in Roane County Criminal Court. Prosecutors sought to revoke his bond over a recent domestic assault charge he picked up.

    Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen denied the motion at a Tuesday hearing in Loudon County.

    “He doesn’t pose any risk of flight,” Gallaher defense attorney Donice Butler said. “He’s been to court every time.”