Local News

  • Park a premier place to go play

    Harriman’s Cornstalk Heights Historical Community Organization recently made Killiffer Park a little more child friendly.

    In the last few weeks, new swing sets, including two swings for tiny tykes, have been installed, thanks to the donations of the club. The Harriman Street and Recreation Department installed them.

    “Drack (Langley) and we all worked very hard together to get these up here,” said Ed D’Alessandro.

  • K-31 demolition prep continues cleanup work

    Workers have begun removing transite paneling from the outside of the K-31 Building at East Tennessee Technology Park).

    The 1.49-million-foot former gaseous diffusion building was once used to produce enriched uranium for defense and commercial purposes.

    It was permanently shut down in 1987.

    URS/CH2M Oak Ridge LLC, also known as UCOR, is prepar-

    ing the building for demolition for later this year.

    Approximately 10,000 transite panels are expected to be removed over the next several months.

  • McFarland-Pemberton judge-race feud expands

    Circuit court judge candidate Mike Pemberton and his supporters suspect Willis Hall didn’t act on his own when he filed a complaint with the Roane County Election Commission.

    “The issue is as clear as a bell,” Kingston attorney and Pemberton supporter Pat Cooley said. “This was generated by Tommy McFarland from the beginning.”

    Pemberton and McFarland are running to replace Russell Simmons as 9th Judicial District Circuit Court judge.

    Simmons is retiring.

  • Rockwood parks chief on leave

    Rockwood Parks and Recreation Director Jody Mioduski is on administrative leave.

    Not much more is known at press time. Questions were referred to Mayor James Watts, who did not return calls at press time.

    Mioduski was hired in December 2012.

    His predecessor Tom Pierce was put on leave and then resigned amidst allegations that he used city funds to make personal purchases including firearms, clothing and photography equipment.

    Pierce was indicted in February 2013 on official misconduct, theft and unauthorized use of credit cards.

  • 25 acres transferred from feds

    The Department of Energy transferred approximately 25 acres at the Heritage Center in Roane County to the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee.

    The site was signed over this week to CROET for private sector use.

    U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and David Klaus, DOE’s deputy undersecretary for management and performance, joined the group of area business leaders for the celebration.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Will there be no Toms, Dicks nor Harrys?

    As we began last week’s column, we remarked that we had a number of topics that we wanted to comment upon, and as we concluded that column, we said that we had “other items to comment upon, and may next week.”

    Well, next week is here, and we see no reason not to continue with the series of short comments that we began last week, so:

  • City to pave state road stretch

    When it comes to state roads, it’s usually the state that takes on repairs.

    No so in Rockwood this year.

    City officials are reaching into their own coffers to resurface a stretch of Gateway Avenue between Wheeler and Stratton streets.

    Deep ruts have formed at some of the intersections, and those have caused accidents, according to City Administrator Becky Ruppe.

  • Company requests Plateau Park site

    Another entity is eyeing the fledgling Plateau Partnership Park.

    According to a public notice from Cumberland County Mayor Kenneth Carey, Alternative Engineering Solutions “has expressed interest in a location inside the Plateau Partnership Park.”

  • Better tie it all down, police chief warns

    “It’s that time of year,” Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said this week. “Thieves are breaking into everything and taking anything that’s not tied down.”

    Police have their hands full trying to keep up.

    A 45-year-old Maryville man faces charges for an alleged burglary incident in Kingston on May 9.

  • Goddards decide to rebuild on site after losing everything in winter fire

    Roane County Commissioner Jerry Goddard and his wife, Sherron, have decided to rebuild instead of relocate.

    The Goddards’ home on Cemetery Lane burned in December. Jerry Goddard said they are rebuilding on the site.

    “We’re pretty much on the same lot,” he said. “We just moved it over a little bit. Had to have a lot of excavating done.”

    Goddard said they lost everything in the Dec. 18 fire.

    “For me, it was an easy decision to rebuild,” he said. “It was tough for my wife, though.”