Local News

  • Kind-stranger killing has Roane links

    A man who should have been grateful instead killed — or helped kill — a kind stranger who picked him up, fed him and gave him shelter.

    That’s what the San Bernardino County, Calif., Sheriff’s Department is saying about Michael Dane Arrowood, a man with  Roane County ties who has been arrested after authorities reopened a cold case file in the ’91 slaying.

  • State says Rockwood must up water rates

    Illegal loans made between the water and gas departments of Rockwood Water, Wastewater and Gas Utilities will be reviewed by a state board and officials.

    They will also have to hike water rates 10 to 12 percent.

    Rockwood Mayor James Watts, interim utility manager Ron Berry, City Attorney Elmer Rich and City Recorder Jim Hines learned about the developments at a recent meeting with Dennis Dycus, director of the Tennessee Division of Municipal Audit.

  • Harriman paving finished

    Drivers now have a sleek ride on many of the Harriman roadways that were for months made worse by much-needed utility repairs.

    Over recent weeks Harriman’s long-talked-about paving has been under way and is now completed.

    “We would like to continue paving every year if we can afford it,” said Harriman Mayor Chris Mason.

    He said Harriman Treasurer Charles Kerley “has identified gas tax money that we may set aside for future projects.

  • Only five more days until Super Saturday

    Saturday’s going to be a special day — and not just because it’s the weekend or the week before Christmas.

    It’s not only special, it’s Super Saturday.

    That’s the name Roane County Chamber of Commerce has chosen for Dec. 18, which is being touted across the county as the day for all residents to Shop Roane First this holiday season.

    Chamber members said the dedicated shopping day serves as a reminder that it boosts the local economy when consumers spend their dollars with Roane County businesses.

  • Sex offender pleads guilty in ’09 death

    Lonnie Lee White was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the death of  Misty Dawn Wilmeth.

    White, a convicted sex offender, was indicted for second-degree murder in June 2009.

    He reached a deal with prosecutors and pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter on Friday in Roane County Criminal Court.

  • Rockwood lights up the holidays
  • Walnut Hill's festive finale

    Younger children giggled as Walnut Hill Elementary School’s fourth- and fifth-graders danced, sang and performed in their Christmas-themed garb.

    They witnessed and performed in “Santa’s Holiday Playlist,” the last Christmas program at the Harriman school.

    “It is our last play because our school is shutting down,” explained fifth-grader Sara Hamby, 10.

    The Roane County Board of Education plans to close Walnut Hill once renovations to nearby Bowers Elementary School are completed.

  • County courting industry

    Officials are considering a package of incentives to try and land a new industry.

    The Roane County Industrial Development Board and The Roane Alliance are recruiting a distribution industry for Roane Regional Business and Technology Park.

    To try and help that effort, a resolution asks the Roane County Commission to waive the building permit fees.

    “Our industrial folks say that could be significant,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “It could be the icing on the cake that helps them go here.”

  • Scammers try spiel on Roane detective

    Scammers have gotten so bold that they even tried to pull one over on a law enforcement officer.

    Bryan Walker, an investigator with the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, received a call last week from someone purporting to be from his credit card company.

    “I knew it was a scam, because I don’t even have the particular credit card they were asking me about,” Walker said.

  • Operation REACH continues to grow

    Bobby Collier had just finished handing out Christmas baskets with another Jaycee member 36 years ago when he discovered something disturbing on the drive back to Kingston.
    He saw one of the basket recipients at a bar.
    Collier knew the bar owner and decided to inquire further.
    “I said, ‘That guy who just pulled in, what did he get?’” Collier remembered.
    The bar owner told him the man got a 12-pack of beer.
    “I said, ‘What did he pay for it with?,’” Collier recalled.
    The bar owner pulled out the Christmas basket.