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  • Kingston tours city halls

    Kingston is a justifiably proud city: It is eminently livable, soundly managed and blessed with a seemingly matchless combination of natural beauty and natural resources.
    But there’s one area where Kingston runs a distant second to many of its small-town counterparts — that is, when it comes to its aging, space-deficient city hall.

  • Ellis won’t run for state rep

    Harriman resident and Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis said Tuesday he toyed with a run for state representative, but it won’t be happening.
    Ellis was prodded to run after redistricting split Roane into two state representative districts.
    “Although it was very tempting to run for the Tennessee House of Representative for the 32nd District,” Ellis said, “after much prayer and consultation with my family I have decided I will not be running.”

  • Consumer group head to speak

    Consumer rights activist Mary Mancini, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action, will speak Friday on the Tennessee legislative issues surrounding voter ID laws and their effect on your right to vote. Her program is open to the public and sponsored by the Roane County Democratic Party.
     It will be from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Roane County Park meeting center.

  • McKinney column moves

    Roane County News latest columnist. Josephine McKinney, is no stranger to writing.

    McKinney, 90, has been writing for about 50 years. Her “Round Rockwood” society column is being moved from the Rockwood Times to every Monday’s edition of the Roane County News.

    The newspapers Rockwood Times and the Harriman Record, which were combined into a single weekly about a year ago, are being discontinued. Most of the content is being moved into the Roane County News.

  • Yager seeks legislative pages

    State Sen. Ken Yager of Harriman is seeking local students to work as pages in the State Senate.  

    Page duties consist of anything from making copies, running errands, to distributing legislative information to members of the General Assembly.

    They report to the chief clerk of the House and Senate.

    “This is the best civics lesson I can imagine,” said Yager. “Student pages are right there with us on the Senate floor.

    They get a unique front-row view of the lawmaking process.”

  • Second phase of Gallaher project complete

  • ‘Electrical’ needs hamper cameras

    Doug Elder works on one of the already-installed cameras at Fort Southwest Point Thursday. Elder mentioned that the camera had already been installed but was simply waiting on what he referred to as “electrical.”

  • Grandmother gets children to safety

  • Loudon remains could lead to closure

    As of Friday evening, authorities had yet to identify the human remains discovered in neighboring Loudon County.

    “The point of emphasis is we don’t know yet,” District Attorney General Russell Johnson said.

    Authorities were working to identify the remains.  

    Johnson, whose judicial district includes Loudon and Roane, said the remains were discovered off Eblen Road around 6:30 p.m. last Thursday by two men who were out looking for scrap metal. Johnson described the area as remote.  

  • April 16 trial in mom's suit against Houstons

    Preparing a civil case against brothers Rocky and Leon Houston hasn’t been easy for attorney Mitch Ferguson.

    “The breadth of it overwhelms me sometimes,” he said.

    Ferguson represents Pat Brown, who is suing the Houstons for $5 million over the death of her son. Mike Brown was killed along with Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Jones in a shootout with the brothers on May 11, 2006. Brown was on a ride-along with Jones.