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  • Pub owner to fight shut-down effort

    The Grill and Pub was once a happening place.
    “Used to you couldn’t walk in here because it was so full of people,” owner Grover Norton said. “Now if you get 12 or 15 of them you’re doing good.”
    Norton said law-abiding patrons have been scared off by troublemakers.
    “Five years ago, I had a thriving business before them drug heads started hanging out here,” he said. “Now people won’t come around because they don’t want to be around it. I went from $2,000 a night to $500 a night.”

  • New principals assigned to schools

    Scott Calahan has been hired as the new principal at Harriman High School.
    Calahan comes from Stone Memorial High School in Cumberland County, where he most recently taught lifetime wellness.
    Calahan said he’s looking forward to the start of the new school year.
    “From what I understand we’ve got a great staff,” he said.
    One of his goals as principal is to help the students reach their full potential.  

  • Bar-fight guy has record

    Editor’s note: The Grill and Pub was incorrectly listed by a previous name in earlier accounts of this incident.
    July 24 wasn’t Eric Glenn Gallaher’s first time being arrested in Roane County.
    It wasn’t his second, third or fourth, either.
    According to Roane County Sheriff’s Office records, it was his 18th time being booked into the county jail.
    Charges he’s been arrested on include theft, failure to appear, driving under the influence, evading arrest, domestic violence and domestic assault.

  • First Amendment Center bent is ...all over the place

    First Amendment Center
    The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism is getting attention with its recent study showing 56 percent of national and state nonprofit news sites post original material with a definite political viewpoint.
    In light of that, some might wonder where the First Amendment Center would appear on a left-center-right spectrum.
    The answer: all the way across.

  • Donations sought to stock Teachers Supply Closet

    The Roane County Chamber of Commerce has kicked off the 2011 Teachers Supply Closet, an annual drive to collect supplies and monetary donations to help teachers and students in Roane County.
    The Supply Closet is a highly popular and highly successful effort sponsored by the Chamber, Roane State Community College, Tennessee Technology Center at Harriman and Roane County United Way. 

  • Outstanding student for ’11 a grad of Harriman program

    A young woman who lost her job, then found a career after attending the Tennessee Technology Center at Harriman, won a new car after being named statewide 2011 Outstanding Tennessee Technology Center Student of the Year.

    Mary Elaine Wilson, a former cosmetology student at the Harriman center, was introduced at  the Tennessee Board of Regents quarterly board meeting last month. She earned the recognition at a statewide competition in Chattanooga after sweeping local and regional competitions in the spring.

  • It's official: 30-percent water rate hike final for Rockwood

    Rockwood water and sewer customers will soon see an increase in their rates.
    The Rockwood City Council approved a 30 percent water rate increase Monday.
    The measure will automatically raise sewer rates, which are figured as 150 percent of the water bill.

    Vice Mayor Peggy Evans was the only vote of opposition during the final round of approval.
    “I can’t see adding more expenses to each of those citizens out there paying these rates unless we cut the budget to the maximum,” Evans said.

  • Two men sentenced for sex crimes against children

    Two Roane County men are headed to prison after pleading guilty to sex crimes against children.
    William Howard Waters was indicted on one count of child rape last year.
    The 3-year-old victim was sexually penetrated by Waters, according to the indictment.
    He faced as much as 60 years in prison on the original charge.
    However, after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors, he will serve less than a decade.
    Waters, 32, pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual battery.
    He was sentenced last week to eight years in prison.

  • Single punch, man is dead: Parking lot fender-bender led to attack outside bar

    A vehicle mishap led to a single, angry punch outside a bar early Saturday morning.

    That has left one man dead and another charged with his death.

    Funeral services will be held today (Wednesday) for David Harvey, 46, of Harriman.

    “He’s going to be missed,” mother Rebecca Harvey said. “What happened to him shouldn’t have happened.”

  • Trouble for bar now?

    Authorities are taking a hard look at the Grill and Pub, which is also known as the Big Orange Bar, after Saturday’s violence.

    “It is a nuisance, and we’re looking at what we can do to make sure they are abiding by all the beer board rules,” said Roane County Chief Deputy Tim Phillips.

    Longtime missing person Cheryl Payne was last seen at that location, Phillips said.

    “We don’t know what we can do legally, and we’re going to find out,” he said.