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  • The Dirty Dozen: Roane State’s first leaders get kudos at college’s 40th anniversary kickoff

    When state and local leaders founded Roane State Community College 40 years ago, no one could have predicted that it would grow as it has.

    The school celebrated its past and its achievements last week at a reception following a documentary of the college’s early years.

    The college kicked off the anniversary observance Friday morning with the premiere of “40 Years of Class,” by award-winning filmmaker Keith McDaniel, a Roane State alumnus.

  • Presidential hopeful Cain heading here

    Presidential candidate Herman Cain is taking his growing popularity on the road — and one of his scheduled stops is in Roane County.

    The Roane County Tea Party is hosting the Republican at Roane State Community College student lounge, where Cain will be speaking on Saturday, Oct. 15. A buffet lunch begins at 11:30 a.m.

  • Yager: Roane should be in 1 House district

    State Sen. Ken Yager is of the opinion that Roane County should remain a single House district.

    However, the Harriman Republican indicates he’s powerless to do anything about it.   

    “Redistricting House districts is within the prerogative of that body, and I would refer you to my colleague, Rep. Julia Hurley,” Yager wrote in a letter to county officials.

    New district lines are drawn every 10 years.

  • Reporter's Notebook: Some TVA plaintiffs also contesting property values

    Some of the plaintiffs suing TVA over the ash spill are also in a legal fight with the Roane County Property Assessor’s Office.

    At issue is the value of 79 properties, which the plaintiffs contend is zero because of the disaster.

    They have appealed to the Tennessee Board of Equalization. A pre-hearing conference was held on the matter earlier this year.   

    “We’re contesting it (the properties) as valueless,” attorney Matt Conn said.

  • Toho lays off 47 employees

    Toho Tenax America Inc. recently laid off 47 employees.

    According to information the company provided the state, the layoffs begin on Sept. 15 and ended on Sept. 23.

    The Roane Alliance reports that Toho is one of the county’s largest employers.

    Toho’s human resources department directed us to a company official in New York for comment about the layoffs. Phone calls were not returned.

    Toho is in the Roane County Industrial Park at 121 Cardiff Valley Road, Rockwood.

  • Harriman woman accused in Morgan of doctor shopping

    A Roane County woman is charged with doctor shopping using TennCare, and an indictment came down in nearby Morgan County.

    The Office of Inspector General, who is responsible for investigating potential TennCare abuses, announced on Sept. 28 that Kathy Lynn Ellison, 53, of Harriman, was arrested and charged with three counts of fraudulently using TennCare to obtain a controlled substance by doctor shopping.

    The drugs were the painkillers hydrocodone and Lortab.

  • Cherokee renovations celebrated

    Numerous states have sued the federal government over the health-care law that Congress passed in 2010.
    Tennessee wasn't among them, which caused some members of the state legislature to express dissatisfaction with Attorney General Robert E. Cooper Jr. One of them was state Rep. Julia Hurley, who represents Roane County. In this final installment of an interview Hurley granted to the Roane County News, the Lenoir City Republican shares her thoughts about Cooper, attention she's received from working at Hooters and what it's like when she's out in public.

  • United Way director hire announcement expected soon

    Roane County United Way expects have a new director next month.
    The group hopes to have someone selected by its Wednesday, Oct. 19, board meeting, according to Bobby Davis, its board chairman.
    “That is our aggressive schedule,” Davis said.
    “We have approximately 20 applications back from people inside Roane County and even outside the state,” he said. “I think we have a good selection of candidates.”

  • TVA’s ‘slime’ disputed

    TVA’s hired-out analysis of the ash spill was under attack again on Wednesday.
    Dan Marks, an expert witness for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against TVA, said he doubts a “slimes layer” contributed to the disaster.
    That was the theory put forth in a root-cause analysis conducted by Bill Walton of AECOM. Walton’s report said a slimes layer was one of the factors that led to the disaster.
    “I’m not sure how to phrase this, really,” Marks said. “The problem I have with the report basically boils down to attempting to identify a so-called slimes layer.”
    Marks took it a step further.