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  • Working in the yard
  • PROM SEASON: Getting fit for formalwear

    Many young men from Roane County High School stopped by Oran’s Flower Shop Wednesday for last-minute tuxedo fittings before their prom Saturday.
    The consensus among the dapperly-dressed gents was this: They’re in it for the experience.
    “It’s a high school thing,” junior Austin Jones said.
    Senior Darik Brackett said he looks forward to embarrassing his date with his “funny” dancing.
    Oran’s employee Tammi Cribbs good-naturedly assisted them.

  • Rockwood eyes another engineer to head utilities

    Rockwood Water, Sewer and Gas Board members didn’t get their first pick, but they may yet have their civil engineer.

    The Rockwood City Council, sitting as the water board, approved offering the job to Kimberly E. Ramsey, who worked many years as a town engineer and in public works at Farragut.

    “Hopefully, we got a bargain tonight,” said council member Bill Thompson about Ramsey, who sat for a lengthy interview with council members on Monday.

  • 'It's a big job': TVA scrubber operation stalled for gypsum pond liner installation

    In an effort to comply with a state order, work is under way to install a new synthetic liner in the gypsum pond at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant.

    “It’s a big deal,” said John Kammeyer, TVA’s vice president of coal combustion products, projects and engineering.

    “We’re estimating it’s going to take us about the middle of September to do all this work.”

  • Harmon’s years of county service to be applauded

    James “Dub” Harmon has been off the Roane County Commission for almost seven-and-a-half months.

    He hasn’t been forgotten, however.

    The current commission passed a resolution honoring Harmon for his 22 years of service at Monday’s regular meeting.

    “Unless someone has ever served as an elected official you can never realize what all goes into serving,” Commissioner Randy Ellis said by email. “It’s not just showing up at meetings once a month, and Dub did this for 22 years.”

  • McGriff asks Tea Party to think of children first

    Director of Schools Toni McGriff was the guest speaker at last week’s Roane County Tea Party meeting in Kingston.

    “I’m not a politician,” she said. “I would never make it as a politician.”

    She has made it as the director of schools for going on six years now.

    A recent contract extension will keep her in the position for another year.

    McGriff gave the Tea Party an overview of the school system.

  • Harriman Middle debuts new gym
  • Annnnd ... ACTION!
  • Don’t miss ‘The Diviners’
  • Harriman says no way to beer changes

    Harriman leaders showed last week they take regulating beer sales seriously.
    Despite the removal of controversial wording that would allow for special-events permits, Harriman City Council voted against the measure that enumerated a number of beer restriction changes.
    “We don’t feel like we should have alcoholic beverages in Riverfront Park or sold on the main thoroughfare during festivals,” said businessman James Harmon.
    “Families attend these events, and we just don’t think it is right,” he added.