Local News

  • Progress finally in Rose Circle cleanup

    A South of the River  eyesore that has irked some residents for years is close to being cleaned up.

    In February, a judge gave property owners James and Patricia Woods and Dean and Nola Howard 90 days to clean up a junkyard at 123 Rose Circle.

    The property was littered with junked cars, tires, lawnmower parts, bike parts and countless other pieces of debris.

    So little had been done to clean up the property when the 90-day deadline expired, Roane County Attorney Tom McFarland filed a motion in Chancery Court to hold the owners in contempt.

  • Democrats open party headquarters

    The Roane County Democratic Party will follow its Labor Day picnic with a grand-opening celebration of its campaign headquarters at 10 a.m. Saturday.
    The headquarters is at 108 Court St., Kingston.
    Area Democratic candidates who were victorious in their recent bids for election are welcome to attend the festivities, which will also include opportunities to meet and support Democrats seeking office in the Nov. 2 election.

  • Heroes, heels hailed at Harriman's Hooray festival

    Wrestler Harley Stone doesn’t mind when the crowd turns against him.

    He relishes the role.

    “Being the heel means you try to get the crowd upset and make them mad at you,” said Stone, who with his tag-team partner, Jeff Collett, enjoyed being the bad guys during Hooray for Harriman festivities.

  • Tougher coal ash rules sought

    A large group gathered at Roane State Community College last week to share their input on two different approaches to coal ash regulation.

    The gathering was also organized, in part, in protest of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s failure to hold any of a handful of hearings on the matter any closer than a five-hour’s drive from Roane County.

    Since the 2008 TVA ash disaster, the community is arguably the most impacted by coal ash in the nation.

  • ROANE STREET ROYALTY: Princess prettying up for new role

    A transformation fit for royalty is under way in downtown Harriman.
    The work is purposeful: it’s to give an aging girl a new look and lease on life.

  • Arrests imminent in pot-growing operation

    Authorities said Friday arrests were pending in relation to a marijuana-growing operation discovered last week east of Kingston.
    “They may get arrested over the weekend,” said Sheriff’s Deputy John Mayes of two people suspected of growing marijuana at 2078 Lawnville Road.
    Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said officers with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency went to the farm to look for some deer feeders and stumbled upon marijuana plants.
    “When they found it, they let us know,” Stockton said.

  • Rabid fox killed in East Roane

    A rabid fox was killed by a Roane County resident on Aug. 30.
    Bill Newman said he was at his home on Tucker Lane in East Roane County when he heard a noise out back.
    “I walked out on my patio, and there was a fox about nose-to-nose with my black Lab,” he said. “I went back inside to get a rifle because it was very unusual.”
    Newman said he called for the dog, Ebony, when he got back outside.

  • DA opens review on Kirkham request

    Accusations about impropriety on the part of Roane County Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham were apparently serious enough to spark an investigation by District Attorney General Russell Johnson.
    County Attorney Tom McFarland told Kirkham in a letter last week that she was out of line for requesting raises for the five-member County Board of Equalization.  

  • Store fined for underage sales

    Harriman Beer Board divvied out a $1,500 fine to a convenience store that has been repeatedly busted for selling to minors in police stings.
    Harriman Police Chief Randy Heidle said a clerk at Lee’s Food Market No. 5 sold to an underage undercover officer on Aug. 13. The clerk, Wanda Davis, was cited, and store representatives said she has been terminated.
    “The last sting we did in August, [Lee’s] was the only one that failed,” Heidle said.

  • New county officers sworn in

    The Circuit Courtroom at the Roane County Courthouse was packed with family, friends, county employees and officials on Wednesday.
    The occasion that brought people out was the swearing-in ceremony for officials who were elected in August.
    “I was sweating all over,” Sheriff Jack Stockton joked. “I didn’t know if (Ron) Woody was swearing me in or if I was swearing him in.”
    Woody, the new county executive, was the first to be sworn in, with Sessions Court Judge Jeff Wicks doing the honors.