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  • United Way director hire announcement expected soon

    Roane County United Way expects have a new director next month.
    The group hopes to have someone selected by its Wednesday, Oct. 19, board meeting, according to Bobby Davis, its board chairman.
    “That is our aggressive schedule,” Davis said.
    “We have approximately 20 applications back from people inside Roane County and even outside the state,” he said. “I think we have a good selection of candidates.”

  • TVA’s ‘slime’ disputed

    TVA’s hired-out analysis of the ash spill was under attack again on Wednesday.
    Dan Marks, an expert witness for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against TVA, said he doubts a “slimes layer” contributed to the disaster.
    That was the theory put forth in a root-cause analysis conducted by Bill Walton of AECOM. Walton’s report said a slimes layer was one of the factors that led to the disaster.
    “I’m not sure how to phrase this, really,” Marks said. “The problem I have with the report basically boils down to attempting to identify a so-called slimes layer.”
    Marks took it a step further.


    A picture that was put on display in the courtroom at the TVA ash spill trial showed muck from the disaster in the foreground and the Kingston Fossil Plant in the background.

    Plaintiffs attorney Jeff Friedman said the picture was significant because it portrayed the way fossil plant management felt about handling fly ash prior to the spill.

    “The further away you got from the plant, the less management cared?” Friedman asked TVA Inspector General Richard Moore last week.

    “We did find that,” Moore responded.

  • Park View annexation off table for now

    Park View community residents who rebuked Rockwood’s annexation efforts can celebrate.

    This week, Rockwood City Council unanimously approved a first reading of an ordinance to withdraw its pending annexation.

    At Monday’s meeting, Mayor James Watts referred questions as to what brought this change of events to city attorney Elmer Rich.

    The Rockwood City Council had met in executive session with Rich prior to the meeting. Now the issue is on a special-called meeting agenda on Monday, Oct. 10, at 6:30 p.m.

  • Greif recognizes holy days

    Maurice Greif celebrated Rosh Hashana at sundown Wednesday.

    Rosh Hashana represents the Day of Creation, the Rockwood resident explained.

    “It’s a happier occasion,” Greif said. According to the Jewish faith, it’s the day God passes judgment on everyone’s past behaviors in the Book of Life.

    “To honor it, the shofar is blown, a trumpet of a ram’s horn, which will blow on judgment day,” he said.

    Greif, 87, quietly celebrated the 5,772nd Jewish New Year by reading his prayer book at sundown.

  • United Way campaign kicks off
  • At dawn's early light

    Often it is said that the early bird catches the worm. Whether it be walking at the fog-engulfed lake or enjoying a warm cup of coffee, there’s much to see and do in the early morning hours.

  • Lively lineup for Rockwood fall fest

    One of East Tennessee’s most popular festivals returns Oct. 1 with an all-star line-up of activities.

    Originally started in 1949 by the Rockwood Business Club (now Rockwood Merchants Association) as the Trade Days Festival,  the annual Rockwood Fall Festival now boasts an array of activities, pageants, entertainment, craft vendors and something to satisfy everyone’s taste.

    Special music artists will be onstage at Homecoming Park throughout the day.

  • Delivery man dies while unloading supplies

    A man delivering supplies to the newly opened Little Caesars restaurant in Kingston died from an apparent heart attack Monday morning.

    A Kingston Police report said Andreco Olando Kight of Georgia was pronounced dead at Roane Medical Center.

    The report said the medical examiner found he had a heart attack which caused him to fall face down from the tractor-trailer he had driven up to the loading ramp, causing injury to his face.

  • No cookie, canned-good competition at Kingston fair


    Colorful jars of canned goods and tasty baked cakes and cookies have been a staple at Kingston’s annual Country Fair.

    Not this year.

    FCE, the home economics club that handles the judging for the event, has withdrawn from the competition for the fair that will be at Southwest Point this Saturday.

    Rick Ross, the director of Kingston parks and recreation department, said Tuesday that it was a matter of money.