Local News

  • Rockwood steps back on setback

    Members of Rockwood church congregations scored a victory last week when city leaders decided to reinstate the 100-foot distance requirement on the sale of beer from schools and churches.

    Rockwood City Council is requesting its beer board to amend the city’s ordinance on alcohol sales. Any suggested changes would need to come through the beer board to council, said Rockwood Mayor James Watts.

  • Kingston waterfowl getting healthier handouts

    Forget the bread. Ducks and geese on the Kingston waterfront are getting gourmet handouts these days, thanks to a series of new vending machines.

    The machines, installed about a month ago, can be found in high-traffic areas for both the birds and people: two are at City Park, two are at 58 Landing and one is behind Bethel Presbyterian Church.

    For 25 cents, the red-fronted machines will dispense a handful of nutritious pellets.

  • 90-year-old finds gold in SilverSneakers program

    “I feel good,” Dan Stewart, 90, said while waiting for his fitness class to start recently. “I don’t have any aches or pains or anything like that.”

    Nearly six months ago, the Harriman man could barely get around without the assistance of his walker after knee-replacement surgery, rendered him almost helpless, he said.

    That was then.

    Now, working out at Foust Family Fitness on any given Monday, Wednesday or Friday, he’s anything but immobile.

  • Cawood wins settlement in courthouse scuffle

    Attorney Chris Cawood won the criminal case that stemmed from his arrest at the Roane County Courthouse.

    Now he’s claiming victory in the civil case.    

    “I signed the settlement papers on our lawsuit (Monday),” he said.

    A jury trial in the case was scheduled for January. Cawood said he received a sum of money in the settlement, but declined to say how much.  

    “They’re not going to let me talk to you about it,” he said.

  • Burglar strikes Rockwood official's home

    Rockwood police said they have nabbed a man suspected for burglarizing a city official’s home.

    Investigator James Perkins said Coty R. Barnwell, 21, was arrested on Nov. 18 and charged with aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000.

    Bill and Patricia Thompson reported the burglary at their Ellen Street home on Halloween.

    Bill Thompson is a Rockwood city councilman.  

    Items reported missing included jewelry, a pair of Nike shoes and checks.  

  • Sewer plant expansion in Midtown

    Roane County is moving forward with plans to expand sewer service in the Midtown area.
    Earlier this month the County Commission voted to move $70,000 out of the wastewater treatment fund and into a capital projects fund for the expansion project.
    “What we’re doing here is just transferring out $70,000 from operations to put it in capital, so we can capture all our capital cost in one place,” County Executive Ron Woody explained.

  • Pilot winging it for more than 50 years

    Legend has it that Dave Stevenson learned to fly around the same time he learned to drive.

    The truth is even more interesting.

    “Actually, I had a student pilot’s license before I had a driver’s license,” he said.

    At 83, that gives Stevenson more than 50 years of piloting experience.

    His longevity in aviation hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  • Dunn Center gets perfect score

    Michael Dunn Center is known for its outstanding service to those in the community who need it most — people with physical and developmental handicaps.

    A state agency’s recent review of the program supports the center’s reputation with a perfect score of 54 points.

    “Getting a perfect score is something we’re truly proud of,” said Wade Creswell, vice president  of Development and Public Relations.

  • Harriman merchants chart course to prosperity

    A group of Harriman businesses wants to take action to ensure the city thrives.

    The Harriman Merchants Association was formed a little over three months ago with the idea of being a resource for the community’s businesses.

    “What can this association do to help your businesses? We talk about utilities, push each other, but we’ve got to have a plan on how to help each other,” said Wayne Best, one of the members. “By the first of the year, we need to have a short- term and long-term goal.”

  • Roane man convicted of sexual battery

    A Roane County man couldn’t convince a jury of his innocence during a two-day trial in criminal court last week.

    Roger A. Beu Jr. was found guilty of sexual battery by an authority figure.

    The jury returned the verdict on Friday.   

    Court documents listed Beu’s address as 211 West Cliff Drive.

    Beu, 50, was indicted by the Roane County grand gury in February 2009.

    The crime he was convicted of occurred in May 2008.