Local News

  • Harriman bridge being dismantled

    Norfolk Southern has started tearing down the bridge on Harriman’s Margrave Drive, according to City Coordinator Bob Tidwell.

    “That is not going to stop our plan to work with them to rebuild it, because it has to be torn down anyway,” Harriman Mayor Chris Mason said.

    Harriman officials have been trying to get assistance in replacing the bridge after it was learned that in addition to the cost of rebuilding it, there would be cost involved in moving utilities.

  • Petition filed to ban beer from bar

    Roane County Attorney Tom McFarland has filed a petition to revoke the Grill & Pub’s beer permit.

    “This is a situation that has gone too far,” he said. “It’s dangerous to the public.”

    A man was killed outside the Grill & Pub on July 23. Officials say that’s just one of many incidents that have occurred at the bar, which is on Hwy. 61 between Harriman and Oliver Springs.

  • Judge rules on TVA lawsuit

    A court ruling puts restrictions on lawsuits against TVA for the fly ash spill that occurred at the Kingston Fossil Plant.

    This week U.S. District Judge Thomas A. Varlan granted the agency’s request for summary judgment against claims of personal injury and emotional distress.

    TVA’s request for summary judgment against claims of property damage, trespass and nuisance were denied.
    An assessment prepared by the Tennessee Department of Health concluded that the ash spill should not pose a health risk to the community.

  • TVA aims for fun

    Since the massive 2008 ash spill in Swan Pond, meetings between the public and TVA have tended to be angry and intense.

    Not so at an open house in Kingston Tuesday, when agency officials unveiled details on its plans to develop much of the property it has bought up since the spill for recreational uses.

    Those uses include ball fields, birding trails and general recreation facilities, although officials said they also are looking at adding firefighting support to the area.

  • Roane schools land on target list

    Roane County Schools is one of eight systems in the state considered high priority, according to the latest adequate yearly progress data released by the Tennessee Department of Education.
    Adequate yearly progress data looks at whether a school system or school is making gains in academic achievement in student performance on annual tests. It is a requirement under the federal government’s No Child Left Behind law.
    According to the state, a school system is designated high priority for not meeting benchmarks in the same subject area for two years.

  • Troubled bar in hot water again

    A week after it was the scene of a kiling, a Harriman Hwy. bar was the site of more trouble over the weekend.

    Law enforcement responded to a fight at the Grill and Pub Saturday morning.

    An unnamed woman called 911 just after midnight to report the incident.

    “She said all she needed was an officer with an (expletive) gun,” said the 911 report.

    Arriving deputies found  Emilio Smithwick and Bruno Ramirez fighting in the parking lot.

  • 'Aggressive action' key to problem at tavern

    Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton was asked what he plans to do about the Grill and Pub during a sheriff’s liaison committee meeting on Monday.

    “We are going to aggressively pursue some type of action,” Stockton told the committee.

    The Grill and Pub, which is also known as the Big Orange Bar, is at 2224 Harriman Hwy.

    A homicide occurred outside the bar on July 23. This past Saturday, two people were arrested in the parking lot for fighting.

  • County looking to buy another white house

    Roane County is looking to purchase another white house near the new jail.

    However, County Executive Ron Woody said don’t expect a repeat of the county’s last “white house” episode.

    There are no plans to renovate this one for office space, he said.

    “The intent would be to purchase the property so we could have additional parking,” he said.

    The Roane County Commission meets on Monday at 7 p.m. at the courthouse in Kingston.

  • It's fishing rodeo time again

    Dennis Ferguson’s Fishing Rodeo for Kids  is being held Aug. 6 at Roane County Park .

    Free to children 5-14, registration for the event begins at 8 a.m. and fishing starts at 8:30.  

    The rodeo was started by Ferguson, a former state representative, who promised the event would continue even after he lost his re-election bid last November.

    “I’m never going to stop it so long as I’m able,” said Ferguson, who added that he has it set up as a nonprofit.

  • Sweltering summertime farming