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  • Harriman ponders building code changes

    Harriman approved on first reading moving to the 2006 edition of the International Building Code.

    The change, along with to the 2006 editions of the International Residential Code, International Plumbing Code and International Fire Code, among others, will not mean much, according to officials.

    “It is the same code being used by the county and most surrounding jurisdictions as well as that adopted by the state,” said building inspector Maria Nelson in an interview prior to last week’s vote.

  • Rockwood High School Play Rehearsal
  • Raiders fans
  • New state representative cited for speeding

    If the Tennessee General Assembly is meeting on March 18, Republican state representative Julia Hurley may not be there in the morning.
    She’s scheduled to appear in Roane County General Sessions Court that day at 9 a.m. to answer a speeding ticket.
    “I don’t have anything to say about it” she said. “It’s a traffic ticket. What are you going to do? Pay it, I guess.
    Hurley was cited by the Tennessee Highway Patrol on Saturday.
    According to the citation, she was driving a BMW 77 mph in a 50-mph zone on Hwy. 27.

  • Road intent may open development

    A land owner got the promise he says he needs to draw a retail development to his property in Midtown.

    Harriman City Council approved a letter last week saying it is the city’s intent to open Pinnacle Drive, a roadway that stops at an embankment at Pinnacle Pointe, the complex that includes Lowe’s and Kroger and is at the heart of litigation between the city and businessmen Jerry Duncan and Steve Kirkham.

  • Driver gets big break, asks for another

    Michael Derrick Muir had caught a break for more than 10 years.

    That didn’t prevent him, however, from asking for another one during a traffic stop last Wednesday.

    Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Kittrell stopped Muir on Hwy. 70 for a taillight violation. Kittrell ran a check of Muir’s driver’s license and found out it had been revoked for driving under the influence on Sept. 10, 1998.

  • Rose, Stout raises OK'd

    Howie Rose and Scott Stout will be a little fatter in the wallet.

    Roane County Commission voted 10-5 last week to return the two Office of Emergency Services employees to their previous pay grades.

    Back in October, the commission voted 8-7 to cut their salaries 9 percent.   

    “I didn’t vote for it to
    begin with, but I will vote to put it back in,” Com-missioner Fred Tedder said.

  • Harriman orders more road salt

    With winter hardly over, Harriman officials have a feeling there’s more to come, and the city’s salt supply is dwindling.

    That’s why Harriman City Council authorized ordering an additional 75 tons of salt last week to replenish the supply that’s basically on empty.

    “That is contingent on if you can find it at all,” Councilman Ken Mynatt said.

    Harriman Treasurer Charles Kerley and other officials said they were not sure when the supply would actually come in.

  • Lower rating aim of chief

    Harriman Fire Chief Brad Goss is taking a proactive approach toward lowering the city’s ISO rating.

    He wants to form a committee to look at and address problems and issues facing the department and the community if a lower rating is to be possible.

    The city has a ISO rating of 4 but is looking to improve.

    “If we could drop to a 3, that would be great,” Goss said.

  • Back to the books for Roane State