Local News

  • Ambulance outsourcing off the table

    Roane County is no longer considering outsourcing its entire ambulance operation.  

    “Not at this juncture,” County Executive Ron Woody said. “We’re at a point in time where we think this thing can turn around.”

    Getting there has required some changes. Director Gloria Wright was demoted in April.

    She retired instead of continuing in a lesser position with the department.

  • Sheriff's office seeks to add one detective

    The Roane County Sheriff’s Office will soon have another detective working the streets.

    The department’s proposed budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year was approved by the budget committee last month. It includes funding for a new detective.   

    “That’s a dire need at the sheriff’s office because I’ve got three horses that are worn plumb out,” Sheriff Jack Stockton said. “It’s unbelievable.”

  • Detective's focus on crimes against children

    The problem of sexual predators keeps getting more attention, and law enforcement continue to look for ways to combat it.

    Harriman Police Department’s Detective Dan Schneider is one of the local leaders taking on the problem.

    Through his work in Internet Crimes Against Children, he’s been able to solve crimes involving sexual predators.

    His position is funded through the Knoxville Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and Schneider has served the Ninth Judicial District since 2008.

  • Rockwood native dies in motorcycle accident in Cumberland County

    A talented Rockwood native was killed in a motorcycle crash in Crossville Saturday.
    Kevin Neal, 39, who lived in Nashville, died Saturday in Cumberland Medical Center in Crossville.
    “He was on a motorcycle and had a wreck,” said his uncle Tommy Long, who said he understood the accident happened on Interstate 40 in Cumberland County.
    Long said he’s heard different accounts of the accident.
    More information about Neal’s death was not available at press time.

  • Caution urged on TVA waters after season of storms

    Recent flood waters along the Tennessee River may create hazardous conditions for boaters and swimmers this summer.
    Tennessee Valley Authority Police are urging the public to be especially careful on area reservoirs and waterways.

  • Pinnacle Pointe developers suing official

    Business partners Jerry Duncan and Steve Kirkham are suing Harriman City Treasurer Charles Kerley for $3.3 million.

    Duncan and Kirkham allege Kerley damaged their reputations in a letter to the editor that was printed in the Roane County News last August.

    “These allegations by Charles R. Kerley were publicly printed and were untrue and constitute the defamatory acts of libel and slander,” the lawsuit states.  

  • '07 audit chastised Harriman mayoral hopefuls

    The past could come back to haunt the candidates in this year’s race for Harriman mayor.

    Both incumbent Mayor Chris Mason and opponent Wayne Best were accused of wrongdoing in the 2007 audit prepared by the municipal division of the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury.

    Best, serving as fire chief at the time, was accused of attempting to use city funds to purchase a toolbox for his private vehicle.

    Best has long denied that claim.

  • Heroes of Tomorrow: Young people tell why they enlisted

    Rockwood's Josh Rose: 'Being part of something bigger'

  • TBI: Human trafficking reported in Roane

    Both adult and minor human sex trafficking has been reported in Roane County, according to a recent study by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

    Roane wasn’t alone, however.

    The study showed that a majority of the state’s counties have made reports about human sex trafficking.  

    “The results of the study are shocking,” TBI Director Mark Gwyn wrote. “Human trafficking and sex slavery in Tennessee is more common than previously believed possible.”

  • Best can owe taxes – until swear-in time

    Having a tax debt does not bar someone from being a mayoral candidate in Harriman.

    “The official oath is the kicker as far as I’m aware,” City Attorney Harold Balcom said.

    The Harriman City Charter requires elected officials to take an oath of office.

    That oath requires them to swear “that I am not indebted to the state, the county of Roane, or the city of Harriman, on account of any lawful tax against me now due and unpaid.”