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  • Kingston fire victim still critical

    Sandra Webb, the Kingston woman injured in a house fire last week, was still being treated at the Vanderbilt Burn Center Tuesday morning, a family member said.

    Tammy Clark, her sister’s daughter-in-law, said the situation was still touch-and-go.

    “They’re still pumping out smoke out of her chest,” she said. “She’s still critical, but she’s making a little progress every day.” 

  • Stolen goods incident leads to other charges

    A man wanted for aggravated robbery was arrested at the Rockwood Walmart on Sunday.

    Police were dispatched to the store in reference to a man at the service desk that was possibly trying to return stolen merchandise.

    “I made contact with the male suspect that I was given a description of, and who Walmart employees pointed out to me,” the police report said. “When asked for identification, I was given a Texas identification card.”

    The report said the person pictured in the Texas ID card was not the suspect.

  • Low voter turnout anticipated in municipal elections

    Kingston, Harriman, Rockwood and the Roane County portion of Oliver Springs have 12,194 registered voters combined.

    Fewer than 15 percent — 1,114 — cast ballots during early voting for the city elections.

    Roane County Administrator of Elections Charles Holiway said he was expecting about the same turnout on Election Day, which was Tuesday.

  • Student academy gives youth a taste of policing

    The Roane County Sheriff’s Office is holding an academy for local students this week.

    Sheriff Jack Stockton said the students toured the jail on Monday. He said they also learned about traffic stops and patrol tactics.

    “They learned the basics and how to act if a police officer stops you,” he said. “It’s a good communication between them and the officers, so they’re not frightened or scared from being stopped by a law enforcement officer.”

  • Win gift cards in Father's Day look-alike contest

    The Roane County News is looking for fathers and sons who bear an uncanny resemblance.

    What’s in it for them?

    A $50 gift card each for the winning father and son. The father and son can be any age now and in the photos.

    They can be featured in the same photo or each have separate photographs.

    The photos can show each at any age.

    To be eligible, at least one of them must live in Roane County and have the photos to us by noon Wednesday, June 15.

  • Polishing up the pool
  • Kickin' it old school
  • Mason re-elected to second term as Harriman mayor

    11 of 11 precincts reporting

    Harriman Mayor

    Chris Mason 651

    Wayne Best 425

    Harriman Council (Vote for 3)

    Ken Mynatt 639

    Lonnie Wright 610

    Kenyon Mee 598

    Luther Manning 477

    Blake Kirkland 181

    Harriman City Attorney

    Harold Balcom 764

    Harriman City Treasurer

    Charles Kerley 791

    Harriman City Judge

  • Mason holds on to Harriman mayor's post; four newcomers elected in Rockwood

    Harriman voters decided that four years of Chris Mason leading the city were not enough as they re-elected him to a second term on Tuesday.

    Mason took a commanding 61-percent lead over contender Wayne Best early in the race and held onto it as precincts reported in Tuesday night. Unofficial election tallies show Mason's victory at 651 over Best's 425, giving the incumbent mayor 60.5 percent of the votes.

  • Former Harriman leader Stout dies

    One of Harriman’s most vocal and memorable former leaders in recent years lost her lengthy battle with cancer on Thursday evening.

    Sandra Stout, 62, a Harriman City Council member for years, served on various boards and often took a tough look at community issues and was particularly opinionated on the Harriman Utility Board’s rates, often butting heads with other former officials.