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  • Harriman budget still being tweaked

    Harriman city government spent more than they took in last fiscal year.

    Harriman Treasurer Charles Kerley said the city ended the year spending $233,312 more than was brought in in revenue last fiscal year.

    Harriman City Council has yet to approve a first or second reading of fiscal year 2012 budget.

    Part of their discussions this month include how the past year has closed out.

    Kerley said the city had to dip into its fund balance during budget talks for the current fiscal year.

  • Rockwood man charged with rape

    A Rockwood man is accused of raping a woman in Oak Ridge.

    Edward Eugene Chatman is charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and reckless endangerment.

    He was arrested by Oak Ridge police on Sunday.

    Chatman was in the Anderson County Jail on bonds totaling $250,000.

    Oak Ridge Police Capt. Rick Stone said Chatman had a baby with him when he committed the alleged crimes. 

  • State revising debt policy

    Tennessee residents will have an opportunity to offer input on the State Funding Board’s revised debt management policy during a meeting at the State Capitol Wednesday.
    Last year, the board agreed to require all governments in Tennessee to adopt debt management policies by Dec. 31.
    In addition to setting minimum standards for governments to follow, the board encouraged them to adhere to four guiding principles:
    1) Debt transactions should be clearly understood by the decision-makers.

  • Are jobs worth the destruction of a neighborhood?

    What price jobs?
    In the proposed LocoDocs situation, will Rockwood residents trade tranquility for the promise of employment for a few?
    If Vice Mayor Peggy Evans and real estate agent Frankie Hawn, who reportedly said noise will not be an issue, have their way, it could happen.
    One has to ask if either of these individuals live in the neighborhood near the proposed facility.

  • Harriman wrestles with municipal trash policies

    Not long ago, Harriman Utility Board ratepayers who live in Harriman city limits received a notice informing them municipal trash pickup services were not optional.
    However, with dissent coming from many with tight budgets, council members are discussing ways not only to address those appeals but also to allow some of residents opt out.
    Harriman Mayor Chris Mason asked a committee to come back to the council with a recommendation on an opting-out procedure.

  • Students get transfer guarantee

    Roane State Community College students who want to complete a bachelor’s degree now have a guarantee that their credits will transfer to a public university in Tennessee.
    That is, if they choose from any of the 25 different majors offering transfer pathways.
    The University of Tennessee and Tennessee Board of Regents systems have collaborated to create “Tennessee Transfer Pathways” for timely and cost-effective transitioning from a two- to four-year degree.
    All pathways are effective for the fall 2011 semester.

  • Coffee break
  • LocoDocs fans rally cause on Facebook

    Rockwood residents past and present have taken to social media to rally support for LocoDocs, a company that has promised to bring 75 jobs to Roane County if city officials will agree to sell them property near a sports complex.

    But just in case the groundswell of Facebook support that’s come LocoDocs’ way in the past few days doesn’t sway city officials, the company is looking at other options.

  • Rockwood officer draws weapon

    A woman came close to getting shot by a Rockwood police officer last week, according to an offense report.

    Officer Rick Thomas was dispatched to 111 E. Dunn St. on a stolen car investigation. The near shooting happened when the officer was on scene.

    “I noticed movement on the right side of my vehicle,” Thomas’ report said. “I saw Ms. Terry Fisher shutting the driver’s side door of the car in question and start walking my way with something shinny in her right hand.”

  • Beer board wants to reconvene without notice

    The Roane County Beer Board plans to reconvene its special-called meeting on Aug. 29 at 6:30 p.m.

    The purpose of the meeting is to hear the county’s petition to revoke the beer permit of Grill & Pub owner Grover Norton.

    The board met Aug. 15, but recessed the meeting without taking any action.

    Some of the board members said they didn’t have to provide public notice of when they planned to reconvene, but those views weren’t shared by the Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel.