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  • Driver in fatal crash on 6th DUI

    An Aug. 19 wreck that claimed the life of a Rockwood woman wasn’t the first time Johnny R. Foland has been charged with driving under the influence.
    Trooper Mike Beaty noted on the warrant that it was Foland’s sixth DUI offense.

    The fatal crash was on Eagle Furnace Road around 7 p.m. Beaty said when he arrived he saw a Chrysler Sebring that had struck a utility pole and a tree.
    “The vehicle had also overturned and an occupant in the vehicle was found deceased,” the warrant said.

  • State may help with crowding solution

    The Roane County Commission has approved a plan that officials hope will keep the county jail in good standing with the Tennessee Corrections Institute.
    The jail is certified to hold 174 inmates.
    The population was 194 when TCI Detention Facility Specialist Denise Messer inspected it on July 2. Messer recommended certification with a plan of action.
    Earlier this month, the commission passed a resolution that calls for the county to participate in the TCI county corrections partnership initiative.

  • Rockwood focuses on panhandlers

    Some visitors to Rockwood’s downtown can barely get out of their vehicles before someone asks them for money.
    Rockwood City Councilwoman Peggy Evans said she’s noticed an increase in panhandling recently and suggested an ordinance to restrict it.
    It passed on first reading Monday.

  • Rockwood credit card info stolen

    Someone got Rockwood’s credit card information and used it to go on a shopping spree this month.
    City recorder Becky Ruppe said a man used the city’s card information to purchase a leather jacket and other clothing online at Nordstrom for a total of $1,286.
    She said police have a suspect, but no arrests or charges have been made yet.
    “We will be prosecuting that person,” Ruppe said.
    She said city officials filed the necessary paperwork with Regions Bank to get reimbursed.

  • Stories at the library
  • Alliance celebrates silver status
  • School board to consider consolidations

    The financial crisis facing the school system has officials looking to explore consolidating high schools.

    “We just need to find out if consolidation does save money or if doesn’t save money,” Roane County Board of Education Member Mike “Brillo” Miller said. “We need all the answers.”

    Miller brought up the idea of consolidation at a meeting in July when board members were grappling with what to do about a $1.582 million shortfall for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

  • Roane Central sample had bacteria

    Tests conducted by the Roane Central Utility District in June showed coliform bacteria in the drinking water.

    “Coliforms are bacteria which are naturally present in the environment and are used as an indicator that other, potentially harmful, bacteria may be present,” the utility said in a newspaper ad. “Coliforms were found in more samples than allowed and this was a warning of potential problems.”

    The utility said boiling water is not necessary, but did advise customers to consult a doctor if they had health concerns.

  • O’Neal’s attorney confident about trial

    If the case against Ralph O’Neal ever does go to trial, his attorney is predicting the state will have a hard time convincing a jury he’s guilty of murder.

    “I honestly don’t think they have the proof to even come close to showing that he’s guilty,” attorney Bob Vogel said.

  • EPA says respirators not needed at ash spill site

    Craig Zeller, project manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, said there is a system in place for monitoring the health of people working at the TVA ash spill site.  

    “We have perimeter air monitoring at six stations on site surrounding the work area, and that’s to guard against any off site dust migration from the worker area to local communities,” he said during an interview in June.

    The perimeter monitoring system isn’t the only thing being used, according to Zeller.