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  • Drug Task Force payment part of sentence meted

    From staff reports

    A Rockwood man charged with selling cocaine agreed to fork over some money to a fund aimed at helping law enforcement fight the war on drugs.

     Harlan Shane Clower was charged in October 2007 on two counts of selling cocaine. He appeared in Roane County Criminal Court on June 27.

    “Mr. Clower, do you agree that there are ample facts for you to enter a plea of guilty without having those stated by the attorney general?” Judge Eugene Eblen asked.

  • Committee OKs half equalization board raise

    A proposed raise for members of the Roane County Board of Equalization got cut in half.

    On June 3, the budget committee voted 3-2 to increase the board’s pay from $100 to $150.

    Commissioner Randy Ellis wasn’t happy about the increase and made a motion at the June 24 meeting against any increase.     

    “You’re basically saying you’re not going to give them anything?” Commissioner Bobby Collier asked.

    “No increase,” Ellis replied.

  • Rockwood council meeting Tuesday

    Rockwood Mayor James Watts has set a budget workshop and special-called meeting of Rockwood City Council on July 5 in Rockwood City Hall.

    The workshop will begin at 5 p.m.

    The special-called meeting will start at 5:30 p.m.

    Council members will consider and possibly take action on the second and final reading of Rockwood’s budget for 2012.

  • Covenant seeks to move stream in construction

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is seeking public comments regarding the impact of earthwork at the future site of Covenant Health’s new hospital in Midtown.

    Covenant Health is applying for permits from the Department of the Army under the Clean Water Act and from TVA.

    A public notice said Covenant Health proposes to “relocate approximately 890 linear feet of a perennial stream channel into 722 linear feet of 42-diameter, joint sealed, pipe.”

  • Still time to have a blast
  • Giving RSCC library a new look
  • Heavens above! Kingston fireworks fan has one last blast

    For more than a decade, Katherine Walker came to her daughter Harriet’s home in Kingston to help host their Fourth of July party and watch the fireworks. She had one of the best seats in the house at the Race Street residence.

    Her perspective will be even closer this year — Mrs. Walker is being shot up in one of the fireworks shells.

    Walker, who died in April at 87, was cremated. Her family has been scattering her ashes in the places the Tullahoma woman loved.

  • LOOSELEAF LAUREATE: Are you mocking me? Keep up the good work

    One of the highest points on my ridge-top country lane is a nearby utility pole.

    It has been commandeered by a remarkable creature — the most talented mockingbird I have yet to hear.

    Morning and evening, that bird sits up there singing his heart out.

    I’m surprised he doesn’t hav a flock of females swooning around him because, well, he’s just that good.

    As he flashes his white wing bars and cocks his tail, it occurs to me that he is, not doubt, an Elvis among mockingbirds.

  • County raises may be hard to come by

    Pay raises have become a hot button issue as county officials work to put together a budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

    “Everything that the employees are buying is increasing, so I feel that the salaries should be increasing as well,” Roane County Trustee Wilma Eblen said. “That’s my personal opinion.”

    Despite an increase in the cost of goods and services, trustee office employees and others at the courthouse are looking at another year without a raise.

  • SEC fines former county adviser

    A company that previously helped guide Roane County on financial matters will be forking over millions of dollars to resolve its legal woes.

    Last week the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that Morgan Keegan & Co. and Morgan Asset Management agreed to pay $200 million to settle fraud charges related to subprime mortgage-backed securities.