Local News

  • It's that time — tax time, that is


    Tammy Cagle assists Charles and Teresa Cates in filing their taxes at Jax EZ Tax in Rockwood Thursday afternoon. Roane County residents fill the front lobby most days eagerly waiting to hear about their tax deductions.

  • Roane man charged with murder in Illinois cold case

    A Roane County man faces a murder charge in an Illinois cold case.    

    Robert “Bobby” Bostic of 354 Tennessee Chapel Circle was arrested by authorities on Jan. 25.   

    Bostic, 70, is accused of killing Carlton Richmond on June 25, 1982.

    According to the Round Lake Beach Police Department in Illinois, Bostic and Richmond were members of the same motorcycle club.

  • Utility bill reminder put back in place

    Rockwood customers will still get a friendly reminder to pay their utility bills.

    Rockwood Water, Sewer and Gas Board revoked a recently established policy to eliminate penalty notices.

    “I have recommended we keep the present policy in effect by going ahead and mailing out the penalty notices,” Mayor James Watts said.

    “Sometimes our minds need to be jogged a little bit,” Councilwoman Peggy Evans said.

  • Roane, Anderson sharing extension agent

    The University of Tennessee Extension is trying to meet $5.4 million in budget reductions by making restaffing changes.

    Sixty positions will be cut statewide, and some employees will have to transfer.

    How will these cuts and redistributions affect Roane County’s extension office?

    Both Roane and Anderson counties will share one agent between them, said Tim Cross, UT’s dean of extension.

  • Goody, Goody – two new stores

    Goody’s is returning to Rockwood, and will be joined by Tractor Supply Co. to expand the city’s retail base.

    “Tractor Supply Co. should be open late February or March,” said Rockwood Mayor James Watts. “They are taking half of the Flea World building.”

    Watts said store officials had looked at the former Kroger complex, but that building is or was tied up in bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Steel plant closing in March

    Dozens of Roane Countians will soon find themselves out of work due to ArcelorMittal’s decision to close its facility in Harriman by March 31.

    The facility’s high cost of production and limits in its steelmaking led to the decision, ArcelorMittal said.  

  • Would-be strangler sentenced

    A man who raped a college student in Putnam County and later tried to strangle her with jumper cables in Roane County will serve 25 years in prison.

    Waford Knight Bryant was sentenced in Putnam County Criminal Court on Monday.

    “We talked to the victim and her family, and everybody was pleased with the resolution,” said Tony Craighead, a prosecutor with the 13th Judicial District.

    Bryant lived in the same apartment complex as the victim in Putnam County.

  • A toast to 4-H, Cherokee Middle School
  • Sewing on the river
  • Officer of the year looms large

    At 6 feet, 5 inches, Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Kittrell stands out in a crowd.
    However, it wasn’t his height that separated him from his peers in 2010. Sheriff Jack Stockton said it was his work ethic.
    “He’s dependable,” Stockton said. “Any assignment that he’s given, he’d follow through with the assignment and you don’t have to check behind him. You know that it’s done once you give him an assignment.”