Local News

  • Late fees have city official seeing red

    Rockwood Vice Mayor Peggy Evans has publicly called for the termination of a pair of employees in city administration due to financial mistakes she has deemed inexcusable.

    Rockwood City Administrator Jim Hines and financial officer Joby Winter Lancaster were named specifically by Evans. The vice mayor said they and anyone else who was responsible for a list of late penalties and an unsigned $20,500 check should either resign, be terminated or come up with some other resolution acceptable to all parties.

  • Roane priming to boost business

    A helping hand for local businesses in their early beginnings may be in the near future in Roane County.

    The county is exploring having a business accelerator, a program designed to help the success of new businesses with resources.

    Roane County Executive Ron Woody said such a program, often called a small business incubator, would be a way to help small businesses which often miss out on tax abatements and other things given to bigger industries.

    “Most of your business is small business,” Woody said.

  • Burglars targeting OS area

    Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said the Oliver Springs area has been a hot spot for burglaries this summer.  

    “They’ve been targeting that area because it’s so easy to get back into Anderson County and out of our jurisdiction,” the sheriff said. “That area is very rural, and there’s so many routes in and out.”

    Stockton said the sheriff’s office has taken steps to try to stop the rash of break-ins by increasing patrols in the area.

  • There’s been a lot of uniforms in Kingston officer’s life, career

    By Mike Gibson
    Lawrence Russell doesn’t fit the mold of a fellow who’s made a career out of three branches of the armed forces, followed by a more permanent stint in local law enforcement.

    The 43-year-old Kingston officer has the look, sure enough — a shaved pate and orderly mustache complementing the upright carriage of his stocky physique.

    But Russell is no humorless stiff; no diehard lifer with a drill sergeant-demeanor and a painted-on high-and-tight.

  • Hooray for Harriman Labor Day Street Festival rain plans

     ‎--The 24th annual Hooray for Harriman Labor Day celebration will go on rain or shine Monday, Sept. 5. 

  • Man whose family dies in wreck treated at hospital

    A man who lost his family in a fiery crash was taken to a hospital on Wednesday.

    Stephanie Brown and her three children were killed in the wreck on Hwy. 61 on Tuesday.
    Josh Brown was an inmate at the Roane County Jail. Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said he was given a furlough because of the tragedy involving his wife and children.  

    “It’s (a furlough) not uncommon for something like that,” the sheriff said.

  • Mom, 3 sons killed in fiery wreck

    A mother and her three children died in a fiery crash on Tuesday.

    The accident happened on Hwy. 61 a little after 6 p.m.

    “It was a bad scene,” Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Bobby Clevenger said.

    Clevenger investigated the crash for the THP. According to his report, Stephanie N. Brown was traveling west when her SUV crossed the center line and struck a tractor trailer head-on. Both vehicles caught on fire.

  • Former UT coach takes Hackney job

    Former University of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl is known for his coaching skills, but he’s taking his charisma into the private sector.

    Pearl, who was ousted from the basketball program after NCAA citations, will be working in Knoxville as vice president of marketing at The H.T. Hackney Co., a wholesale grocery distributor that has a distribution center in Roane County.

    He began work officially on Sept. 1.

  • Crawling horned caterpillar
  • Big brush fire breaks out near three schools

    An out-of-control brush fire covered approximately 75 acres — coming over the ridge near Midway Elementary, Midway Middle School and Midway High School Tuesday afternoon.

    Keeping the schools safe took an team effort involving East Roane County, South Roane County andMidtown volunteer fire departments, Roane County Rescue Squad and Emergency Management Agency and the Tennessee Forestry Division.

    Although the brush fire was in close to the schools, evacuation was not needed, officials said.