Local News

  • Kingston changes sign laws

    Three public hearings; three new ordinances on the agenda; and zero drama or excitement as the hearings went off without any serious voices of dissent, with few words of input at all at Kingston City Council’s Dec. 11 full council session.
    The hearings were to give residents a chance to voice concerns about potential new ordinances that were on the night’s agenda for a second and final reading.
    The first was an ordinance amending the city’s existing sign ordinance to address new types of signs that have proliferated in recent years.

  • Rainy day wreck
  • Park thoroughfare named for Hal Jones

    Hal Jones spent much of his time at David Webb Riverfront Park working in the earth for the Harriman Garden Club, often seen at the park in his white pickup.

    It is why it seemed fitting to name the park’s main roadway Hal Jones Boulevard in tribute to the tireless gardener, who passed away last month.

    “He has worked on it probably with me for the last 20 years,” said David Webb, the park namesake.

  • Red Cross helped fire victims

    Volunteers from the American Red Cross provided emergency assistance to three Harriman residents after a fire last week destroyed their home at 517 Old Valley Road.  

    In addition to providing food, clothing and comfort items, volunteers are working with the residents to help them access community resources.

    The Red Cross is seeking additional volunteers in Roane County.  

    For information about volunteering, call 210-9605.

  • More indecision over Harriman city manager

    Harriman’s discussion of the city manager form of government pops up regularly throughout the years, always ending in indecision.

    It was much the same at a special-called meeting last Tuesday.

    This time, Councilman J.D. Sampson broached the issue, asking for the meeting initially but sticking with his support of an administrator over changing to a city manager-style government.

    “I want an administrator-type government where the council can control what is going on,” Sampson said.

  • Support for road not shared by county officials

    Sharon Brown usually comes alone when she addresses the Roane County Commission about road problems in her subdivision.

    Last week’s meeting was different, however.

    “I have several people from Pioneer Village standing up (in the audience),” she said.

    Brown lives on Bournemouth Drive south of Rockwood. The ruts are so bad on the dirt and gravel road that Brown said delivery trucks have stopped coming. For months, she’s been asking commissioners to do something about the situation.

  • Rockwood may hire parks, recreation head today

    Rockwood City Council will consider hiring a parks and recreation director during its regular monthly meeting today, Monday.

    The meeting will start at 6 p.m. in Rockwood City Hall.

    Mayor James Watts is recommending Jody Mioduski for the position.

    “He has a tremendous knowledge of not only areas in parks and recreation, but he has a degree in accounting,” Watts said.

  • Former Kingston mayor Humphreys dead at 81

    Robert D. “Bob” Humphreys, a community businessman and leader who served three terms as Kingston’s mayor, died Friday at age 81.

    Though retired for the most part from public life, Humphreys was on Roane County’s E-911 board of directors at the time of his passing. He had served on the board as a representative for Kingston for 20 years.

  • Mayor in D.C. to pitch VA proposal

    Harriman Mayor Chris Mason is scheduled to be in Washington D.C., today (Monday) to present a proposal to locate a Veterans Hospital in Harriman.

    It will be the first chance to officially take the city’s proposal directly to Veterans Affairs.

    Mason plans to offer the present Roane Medical Center building to the VA for $1-a-year lease when the hospital moves from the downtown Harriman facility to its new campus in the Midtown area.

  • Youth arrested in A-1 break-in; THP badges not recovered

    Kingston police arrested a juvenile last Thursday in connection with a burglary that occurred at a store that stocked police supplies.

    Police Chief Jim Washam said Friday the investigation was still ongoing, and more arrests are possible.

    The break-in happened last month at A-1 Tactical on 901 E. Race St.

    The stolen items were described as being “police-specific in nature,” and included handcuffs, flashlights, pepper spray, socks and four Tennessee Highway Patrol chaplain badges.