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  • Mountain Dew case destroyed woman

    Defense attorney John McFarland said a LaFollette woman’s life is ruined over allegations she poisoned a co-workers Mountain Dew.
    “The damage has been done by the allegations alone,” he said.
    His client, Ashley Nicole Carroll, was charged with reckless endangerment in Roane County Criminal Court. Assistant District Attorney General Bill Reedy dismissed the 2011 case against her last week.

  • Woman killed in crash

    A man was jailed Tuesday after a fatal wreck Monday on Eagle Furnance Road south of Rockwood.
    Johnny Ray Foland, 50, is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide, DUI, driving on a revoked license, implied consent violation and leaving the scene of an accident involving a fatality.
    Teri L. Stephenson, 54, was killed in the wreck. She had a Rockwood address.
    Trooper Mike Beaty of the Tennessee Highway Patrol reported that Stephenson was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Foland.
    He was traveling westbound and failed to negotiate a curve.

  • Churches sign on to help homeless

    As many as 20 to 30 homeless families may be in Roane County at one time.
    Volunteers are working to find emergency housing through the creation of a local Family Promise.
    Family Promise is an organization that uses churches in a weekly rotation as temporary housing for homeless families.
    It is nonprofit and nondenominational and includes a day center for the families to work on finding employment, their own home and meeting other needs.

  • Kingston juggles 911 concerns

    Kingston City Council members aren’t quite ready to sign on to Mike Hooks’ new, higher-priced 911 plan, but they did take a step closer to seeing things his way.
    Council voted to defer a decision on a 911 payment schedule until September at their August full council meeting. It was the latest episode in the saga of how to handle the city’s share of E-911 payments, dating  — at the very least — to spring of last year.

  • Legislators reveal upcoming state road projects

    State Sen. Ken Yager and state Rep. Kent Calfee have released information from the Tennessee Department of Transportation regarding an update on state road projects in Roane County.

    “I am very pleased that we are moving on these road improvements,” said Yager, R-Harriman.

    “These projects are important to many citizens to help make our roads safer and more inviting for economic development.”

  • VEC officials warn against scammers calling to collect on ‘delinquent’ bills

    Volunteer Energy Cooperative officials warn customers that they have  received reports of an imposter attempting to collect money for what the caller says is “delinquent” electric bills.

    In one instance, the caller asked for a banking account number and a Social Security number before instructing the customer to purchase a pre-paid credit card and pay the bill with that card.

    The caller claimed that if payment was not received, the customer’s power would be shut off within the hour.

  • Special guest at firing range
  • Industrial site gets special designation

    A prime parcel in the Roane County Industrial Park made the Select Tennessee program.

    The 44-acre site was not only receiving the coveted certification but also given a “plus” designation.

    “The state will personally premiere that site on the Select Tennessee website. Basically it puts our parcel out front of others because of certification. Major site selectors across the country and world will look at our site first,” said Darrell Williams, vice president of business development for The Roane Alliance.

  • Attorney fired up about anonymous comments

    Harriman attorney Donice Butler is fed up with anonymous comments being posted about her on Topix.com.
    So much so that she’s talking about filing a lawsuit against the website.

    “I’ve had it with people getting away with it,” she said. “If it were true, then the people who are saying it ought to have the courage to say who they are, and how they can prove it.”

  • Topix CEO: ‘We generally favor the rights of people to speak’

    Editor’s note: Topix CEO Chris Tolles contacted Roane County News reporter Damon Lawrence this month for a story Lawrence was working on about Topix.com. Here is part of their conversation.
    Lawrence: Some complain your website let’s users post slanderous and defamatory comments anonymously and people that are being talked about have no recourse. What’s your response to that?