Local News

  • Oak Ridge Energy Corridor celebrates milestones

    With three major energy initiatives well underway, and more on the horizon, the Oak Ridge Energy Corridor has a lot to celebrate just one year after launching its first initiative. This week, area business leaders and strategic partners joined together to commemorate this milestone anniversary of the energy corridor while taking a look at the past two years since the concept originated, but more importantly, focusing on what lies ahead.

  • Hurley gets huffy over THP ticket

    State Trooper Teresa Brown got an earful from freshman state Rep. Julia Hurley when she stopped her for speeding on Jan. 22.

    Brown clocked Hurley driving 77 miles per hour in a 50 mph zone on Hwy. 27 between Harriman and Rockwood.

    “I didn’t do 77 miles an hour,” Hurley claimed.

    “Yes, ma’am, you were,” Brown responded.

    “Can you show me your radar?,” Hurley asked.

    “I can, but I don’t have to,” Brown responded.

  • Hiked-up ambulance fees still a possibility

    Roane County Executive Ron Woody is still for raising the ambulance service rates — even with hopes that outsourcing billing will bring in more revenue to the cash-strapped department.

    Woody said that compared to other surrounding agencies the county’s service is charging substantially lower.

    “The commission had the opportunity last month to adjust the rates to be more in line with our neighbors,” Woody said at last week’s budget committee meeting.

  • County gets trial run on TVA campground

    Roane County will get to manage TVA’s Riley Creek Campground on a trial basis.

    The Roane County Commission approved  a license agreement for Roane County to operate the recreation area with the condition that it only be for a year.

    The full commission approved the agreement last week.

    TVA is requesting the county open the campground, said Roane County Executive Ron Woody at the March 10 meeting.

  • Youth group does own extreme makeover project

    This week, a special facility for youth in need is getting a makeover fit for a reality television show.

    In fact, Potters House Fellowship youth and adult volunteers had T-shirts tauting their work with Mission Team Oakdale and Extreme Makeover Children’s Home Edition logos.

    The youth group joined forces with other churches and community organizations from Roane and Morgan counties to make some much-needed improvements at the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home in Oakdale, which is run by Robert and Abby Rogers.

  • McMillan helps 400 as top blood donor

    Rockwood resident Brance McMillian, 76, recently donated his 96th pint of blood to Medic Regional Blood Center in Knoxville.
    Since joining Medic in 1963, McMillian’s donations have equaled over 12 gallons.
    McMillian was awarded a plaque recently recognizing his gracious donations and a T-shirt that reads “Super Donor.” Also noted on his plaque was the number of people — nearly 400 — who his contributions have helped.
    “I was surprised,” he said.

  • Preparing for the little leagues
  • Surplus funds must go to general fund

    There may be no more debate about what to do with monies from Rockwood surplus items.
    It was an issue of discussion when Rockwood City Councilwoman Peggy Evans felt all surplus monies should go toward raising a match for grant funds to build spec buildings at the Rockwood Municipal Airport.
    Rockwood City Council recently approved a resolution that directed all funds be deposited into general fund account under the revenue line item sale of general government materials.

  • Sex offender check finds violators

    Six registered sex offenders in Roane County were arrested on various charges after U.S. marshals and local law enforcement tracked them down this month.
    Authorities spent March 10-11 on Operation Midnight Jackal, a joint operation including the Harriman Police Department, Kingston Police Department, Roane County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee State Probation and the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, to ensure that registered sex offenders in Roane County were following restrictions based on their offenses.

  • Long term committee in limbo

    Long Term Recovery Committee meetings were frequent in the months following the ash spill at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant. Those meetings got less and less frequent as time passed by. It’s now to the point where the committee hasn’t met in a year.  
    “I haven’t really been approached saying we need this, or we don’t need it,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “Nobody’s really said anything about it.”