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    A house at 517 Old Valley Road, Harriman, is engulfed with flames Wednesday evening. Multiple agencies responded to the fire. Midtown Volunteer Fire Department Chief Randy Scarborough said no one was in the house. He said the cause of the blaze is under investigation. Wednesday was a busy day for firefighters. A house at 317 Lakemont Drive, Rockwood, caught on fire Wednesday morning. According to emergency dispatch records, West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department assisted Rockwood Fire Department in fighting that blaze

  • 12-12-12: Hopping day to get hitched

    December is a common month for weddings, but a number of Roane County residents decided to make their wedding anniversary extra special — and easy to remember.

    As of 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12, four couples had visited the Roane County Clerk’s office to apply for their marriage license and to tie the knot there with former Roane County Commissioner Una Coffman as justice of the peace.

    They were following a common theme.

    Many couples around the world decided to make it official on 12-12-12.

  • Gas-leak fix multi-agency emergency

    Several residents were evacuated in the Pine Hills area of Harriman on Dec. 1 because of a significant gas leak.

    “We had to evacuate,” said Bill Young, Harriman Utility Board manager. “We didn’t have to, but we did for safety.”

    Young said the situation was tricky because utility workers had to fix the leak while the line was still “hot” or under pressure.

    The utility recently purchased fire suits for employees working in gas for such situations.

  • County still hasn’t filled parks and recreation job

    Months after the position came open, Roane County still doesn’t have the parks and recreation director job filled.

    “We’re not just going to hire anybody off the street,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “We’re selective on our side about the candidate we want.”

    The job opened up over the summer when Tony Brown left to go work for the road department.

    Woody said six interviews were conducted. He said the job was offered to one of the candidates, but the person turned it down.

  • Kingston riverboat dock coming down


    Hammer-wielding Thomas Cook of Harriman works with a crew dismantling a dock at 58 Landing in Kingston. The dock once served a privately owned Watts Bar Belle riverboat the city allowed to operate there, but it was left behind when the enterprise left because of financial problems. After determining that it was built below standards, the city decided to take it apart and salvage usable material to expand the docks at the Ladd Park boat ramp.

  • Hanukkah – for the uninitiated

    The eight-day holiday of Hanukkah, or the “Feast of Lights,” which this year is observed from the evening of Saturday, Dec. 8, to Sunday, Dec. 16, commemorates what many historians as well as religious scholars consider to be the first organized revolt by a nation against tyranny.
    The story of Hanukkah goes back well over 2,000 years.

  • Fleischmann still looking for cuts to seal ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

    Roane County’s congressman is noncomittal about the chances for a deal to avoid the what some have termed a looming fiscal cliff in the federal government.
    “I won’t say I’m optimistic or pessimistic,” said Chuck Fleischmann, who represents Tennessee’s Third Congressional District that includes Roane County. “I’m going to continue to be very diligent and vigilant, study the process, so I’m prepared to act if that (a deal) happens.”

  • Alleged offenders arrested in Roane

    A man accused of sex crimes in Georgia was arrested in Rockwood last Friday.
    City police went with the U.S. Marshals Service to a bakery to arrest William Bradley Jones, who was wanted for aggravated sodomy and aggravated child molestation.
    Jones, 22, was arrested and taken to the Roane County Jail.
    His home address in police and jail records was listed as 630 N. Front St., Rockwood. 
    The crimes Jones allegedly committed occurred over the summer in Woodstock, Ga.
    The alleged victim was 15.

  • Change in page size this edition

    Although a changes in the Roane County News logo was made as planned with the last edition, the paper size did not change as announced due to a glitch in the pressroom
    The new, narrower format already adopted by the larger dailies in our area is now being used by the Roane County News.
    Newspapers have made the move to save on newsprint.
    A lack of competition in the paper market and other factors have sent newsprint paper costs soaring over the years.

  • Kingston city hall morphing

    The operative word in the latest progress update on Kingston’s new city hall might be “snug.”
    That’s a good a general word to describe the budget, some of the space allocation, and even progress toward meeting projected timelines for getting the new hall up and running.
    Snug, but certainly not uncomfortable.
    And no one is complaining, as the project seems to be going as well as can be expected for an endeavor of this magnitude.