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  • Rose, Stout raises OK'd

    Howie Rose and Scott Stout will be a little fatter in the wallet.

    Roane County Commission voted 10-5 last week to return the two Office of Emergency Services employees to their previous pay grades.

    Back in October, the commission voted 8-7 to cut their salaries 9 percent.   

    “I didn’t vote for it to
    begin with, but I will vote to put it back in,” Com-missioner Fred Tedder said.

  • Harriman orders more road salt

    With winter hardly over, Harriman officials have a feeling there’s more to come, and the city’s salt supply is dwindling.

    That’s why Harriman City Council authorized ordering an additional 75 tons of salt last week to replenish the supply that’s basically on empty.

    “That is contingent on if you can find it at all,” Councilman Ken Mynatt said.

    Harriman Treasurer Charles Kerley and other officials said they were not sure when the supply would actually come in.

  • Lower rating aim of chief

    Harriman Fire Chief Brad Goss is taking a proactive approach toward lowering the city’s ISO rating.

    He wants to form a committee to look at and address problems and issues facing the department and the community if a lower rating is to be possible.

    The city has a ISO rating of 4 but is looking to improve.

    “If we could drop to a 3, that would be great,” Goss said.

  • Back to the books for Roane State
  • Ambulance staff cut to hold costs

    Sonya Brooks’ notice that she was losing her job was as terse as it was abrupt.

    “Restructuring of the billing department. Position eliminated,” the Jan. 14 pink slip said about her position with the Roane County Ambulance Department.

    “I came in to work,” she said. “They let me get all the tickets entered for the day. They told me when it was about time for me to leave and go to lunch.”

  • Road salt shortage leaves county on slippery slope

    Roane County had between 60 and 70 tons of road salt remaining on Thursday, according to Road Superintendent Tom Hamby.

    That was enough to get through one more snow event, he said.

    “After that, I’ll be completely out,” he said.

    And snow is in the forecast for today and early next week.

    Trying to get more salt has proven difficult.

    “I’ve been trying to order it, but where we’ve been buying, the state’s got it all tied up,” Hamby said.

  • Imagine your child's color picture — on the front page

    The Roane County News is looking for Roane County kids between the ages of 5 and 12 to help with promoting positive news, such as honor roll and other inside-page news.

    A sample at the bottom of Page 1 on the Jan. 21 edition gives the general idea. We’ll take a picture of your child holding a blank poster and, when we use it, we’ll superimpose whatever message is appropriate on that poster.

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