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  • Property assessment appeals hit state level

    Carl Dennis Sorensen said physics is his area of expertise.

    “I don’t understand real estate very much,” he admits.

    That didn’t stop him from explaining why he felt the $554,100 value the county put on his property during last year’s reappraisal was out of line.

    “I believe it was (worth) what I paid for it, which in August of 2009 was $400,000,” Sorensen told Administrative Judge Vance Cheek Jr. on Monday.

    “Tell me how you got to that figure?” Cheek asked.

  • Official feels economic pain through family members' job loss

    The last bundle of steel rebar was pushed through at the Harriman ArcelorMittal steel mill Wednesday afternoon, and the plant closes its doors this week.

  • Harriman looks at budget cuts

    Hoping not to diminish financial reserves, Harriman officials are taking a look at making tough cuts in operations.

    “We’re trying not to dip into our reserves, and see if we can cut,” Councilman Charles “Buddy” Holley said in a phone interview.

    “We need to come up with about $300,000,” Councilman Ken Mynatt said.

  • Bill could give county officials more access to Tiger Haven

    A bill that would allow Roane County officials to accompany the state on inspections of Tiger Haven is advancing through the Tennessee General Assembly.

    It passed the Senate 32-0 on Monday. The House has yet to vote on the bill.

    Tiger Haven is a sanctuary for big cats in East Roane County. Several species are housed at the facility, including lions, tigers, cougars and leopards.

  • Two graduate from police academy in Blount County

    Two local recruits graduated from the Blount County Sheriff's Office Basic Law Enforcement Academy on March 18.
    Lawrence Russell (Kingston Police Department) and Vianney Del Toro (Roane County Sheriff's Office) underwent 445 hours of law enforcement training during the 11-week course.
    “We're just excited about him getting done and getting his law enforcement certification,” Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said, of Del Toro.
    Russell worked his way up through the ranks with the Kingston Police Department.

  • Storm damage
  • St. Patrick's Day Punch
  • Oak Ridge Energy Corridor celebrates milestones

    With three major energy initiatives well underway, and more on the horizon, the Oak Ridge Energy Corridor has a lot to celebrate just one year after launching its first initiative. This week, area business leaders and strategic partners joined together to commemorate this milestone anniversary of the energy corridor while taking a look at the past two years since the concept originated, but more importantly, focusing on what lies ahead.

  • Hurley gets huffy over THP ticket

    State Trooper Teresa Brown got an earful from freshman state Rep. Julia Hurley when she stopped her for speeding on Jan. 22.

    Brown clocked Hurley driving 77 miles per hour in a 50 mph zone on Hwy. 27 between Harriman and Rockwood.

    “I didn’t do 77 miles an hour,” Hurley claimed.

    “Yes, ma’am, you were,” Brown responded.

    “Can you show me your radar?,” Hurley asked.

    “I can, but I don’t have to,” Brown responded.

  • Hiked-up ambulance fees still a possibility

    Roane County Executive Ron Woody is still for raising the ambulance service rates — even with hopes that outsourcing billing will bring in more revenue to the cash-strapped department.

    Woody said that compared to other surrounding agencies the county’s service is charging substantially lower.

    “The commission had the opportunity last month to adjust the rates to be more in line with our neighbors,” Woody said at last week’s budget committee meeting.