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  • Breathe easier by staying indoors

    As smoke from several wildfires moves across the state, the Tennessee Department of Health is reminding residents there is an increased risk for a range of health effects, particularly for those with existing respiratory problems, pregnant women, the elderly and young children.

    “Area hospitals are already seeing people affected by the smoke, so we urge residents to stay indoors when and where possible, and to do all they can to reduce their exposure to smoke,” said Commissioner John Dreyzehner.

  • From the EDITOR’S Desk: Roane ready to help kids in need

    Earlier this week, I described the most recent meeting of the Leadership Roane County Class of 2017.

    The class was focused on social services. I described the organizations and programs that help out seniors in need.

    In addition to the elderly, another important group that often requires assistance are the children of Roane County and families in general.

    The needs of our youngest and most vulnerable can fall through the cracks when parents are not providing the support and guidance their children require.

  • Burglary investigation turns up garage items from Oakdale

    Some of the items recovered during a recent Roane County Sheriff’s Office burglary investigation belonged to the town of Oakdale.

    “A lot of their stuff is here,” Detective John Mayes said. “A whole bunch. We’re looking forward to giving them their stuff back.”

    The items were in one of two cargo trailers the sheriff’s office recovered during the burglary investigation.

    Mayes said the property that belonged to Oakdale was stolen from the town garage.

  • Woman charged with filing false report

    A Kingston woman is charged with filing a false report for allegedly lying about being assaulted by her husband.

    According to the warrant, Rochelle Renee Turpin reported that her husband, Ted Gower, assaulted her on June 5. The allegations resulted in Gower being charged with domestic assault.

  • Eve would do her 100 years ‘all over again’

    Alpha Farr Hembree Eve has led a rich, full life — and looking back, she says she has no regrets.

    “I couldn’t do it any better. and I would do it again.”

    She recently celebrated her 100th birthday at the Rockwood Event Center, surrounded by her family and friends.

    Many proclamations, awards and salutations commemorated the milestone, which was hosted by her three children: G. Wayne Hembree, Wanda Hembree Manning and Loren Hembree.

  • Once in a SUPER moon
  • REACH in need of donations

    With less than a month to go until shopping day, Operation REACH is needing a strong close in its fundraising drive to make Christmas merry for 500 Roane County children.

    “We’re about $70,000 short,” said Randy Ellis, Roane County Operation REACH president.

    “Our goal is $125,000. That comes out to $250 per child.”

    Operation REACH — “REACH” stands for Roane Enriches Another Child’s H0liday — works with the Roane County school system to identify children in need from all parts of the county.

  • 10 years of feeding neighbors

    The Kingston Police Department is working with Hands of Mercy food pantry to make Thanksgiving better for an estimated 500 Roane County families.

    For the 10th straight year, KPD is seeking enough donations from the community to fill barrels throughout the Kingston area with enough food to supplement folks’ holiday meals.

    “We’re trying to get cash and food donations for Hands of Mercy,” Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said.

  • From the EDITOR’S Desk: Roane steps up to help all residents

    One way to measure the humanity in a community is to look at how that community treats those most in need.

    During my most recent class with Leadership Roane County, I was able to get an overview of the various social services available to residents in need.

    I’m proud to say that Roane County businesses and volunteers have a long tradition of stepping up to the plate when it comes to helping those in need.