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  • Aquatic plants a pain for lakefront dwellers

    Some Roane County residents are seeing their once-pristine lakefronts turn into an underwater nursery.

    They’re not happy about it, either.

    “If you bring somebody down here to show them lake property and this is out here, I guarantee you, it’s going to have an impact,” Ellis Road resident James D. Stout said.

    The culprits are aquatic plants, such as hydrilla, spiny-leaf naiad and milfoil.

  • Free clinic opening in Harriman

    The uninsured in Roane County now have easier access to free medical services.

    The Oak Ridge Free Medical Clinic will open a satellite office at 531 Devonia St., Harriman, on Thursday.

    The facility – open each Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with the possibility of more hours in the future — will offer all the primary care services that patients have access to at the Oak Ridge office.

  • ‘My son never had a chance’: Firefighter’s family still devastated over fatal crash

    More than nine years have passed since Bradley Keith Lively was killed in an automobile crash on Blair Road.

    His death is still painful for his family.

    “He had worked so hard at establishing his own business,” mother Janette Lively said. “We were very much involved in his life.”

    The man responsible for her son’s death, Bryan Keefe Howard, is scheduled to have a parole revocation hearing today – Wednesday – at the Roane County Jail.

    Janette Lively said she plans to attend.

  • Hooked on Pirates: Medieval Faire hitting the high seas

    It’s the Governor’s birthday, and a two-day festival is being thrown in his honor at the fictional 18th-century town of Port Royale in the Tortugas.

    To add to the excitement, an amnesty has been declared for pirates.

    Will the pirates, led by the Governor’s brother, behave themselves in polite company? Will the Governor’s lovely daughter Elizabeth find a husband?

    Arrrgh ... that’s the question for ye swabbies!

  • Stafford ending House candidacy

    Corey Stafford, a Democratic candidate for the 32nd District Tennessee Representative seat, has suspended his campaign for the Nov. 8 election.

    “I appreciate the support given to me through this journey and ask all of my supporters to cast their vote for Tyler Overstreet, whom I’ve developed a great respect for over the process of my campaign and have determined to be the most qualified candidate running,” Stafford said in a statement released Tuesday.

  • Sex crime case pending against jailed clown

    A man police found in a clown costume last month has a sex crime case pending in Roane County Criminal Report.

    Jonathan Edward Hanson, 28, was indicted on Oct. 21, 2013, on one count of aggravated sexual battery on a child under 13.

    The case is set for trial on Nov. 2.

    The clown incident, which is unrelated to his sex crime case, occurred on Sept. 22. A person called 911 and said three subjects, one of whom was dressed as a clown, were chasing cars in the Emory Heights/Happy Hollow Road area.

  • Republican headquarters open in Kingston

    The headquarters of the Roane County Republican Party is now open for business near the corner of Race and Kentucky streets in Kingston.

    The office offers hats, signs and other GOP campaign paraphernalia.



    MICHELLE HOLLENHEAD/Roane Newspapers
    Haflinger horses Nicky and Johnny were a surprising sight Friday in Rockwood, and are pictured here on Pumphouse Road. Driven by Curtis Scarbrough, right, and owned by Frankie Smith, left, the horses pulled a wagon through town, making a loop from Caney Creek Road, and back again. Scarbrough said he and Smith “ride every chance they get.” In addition to local excursions, the pair take the horses and wagons to various regional events and festivals.

  • Utility sued for law office damages

    A Rockwood attorney and his sister are suing Rockwood Electric Utility, city officials and others for $84,300 claiming structural damage to his building occurred because of the construction of the utility’s new office space.  

    James S. Smith Jr. owns the building at 305 W. Rockwood St. and jointly owns the adjacent parking lot with Susanne Fischer.

  • Raises pitched for county workers

    Roane County employees will each receive a $1,000 pay raise if the County Commission approves a resolution recommended by its Budget Committee.

    The raise would go into effect on Jan. 1, which is the middle of the county’s fiscal year.