Local News

  • Y-12 security breach shakes up feds

    A security stand down at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge could last into next week, according to the National Nuclear Security Administration.

    “All nuclear operations have been halted as we go through this security stand down,” NNSA spokesman Steven Wyatt said. “We expect this to be lifted next week.”

    A security breach occurred at the complex on Saturday, July 28, when three people were able to make their way into a protected area.

  • Rockwood welcomes Little Caesars

    Rockwood mayor James Watts cut the ribbon Wednesday for the newest Little Caesars pizzeria at the corner of South Gateway Avenue and East Rockwood Street.

    On hand to welcome the new eatery were members of the Rockwood Industrial Development Board, as well as a few hungry customers.

    The new restaurant is the fifth Little Caesars location and second in Roane County for EFRC Enterprises, a family operation consisting of Erwin and Fumiyo Epple, Robert Lockhart and Chanda Pressley plus spouses and three grandchildren.

  • Kirkham, Hurley lose in Roane, Ferguson wins

    It was a tough night for female incumbents in Roane County.

    Longtime Roane County Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham has lost her seat to opponent David Morgan, according to unofficial Roane County returns. Morgan received 3,537 votes to Kirkham's 3,048.

     Roane County also gave the nod to Kent Calfee, the opponent to incumbent 32nd District State Rep. Julia Hurley in the Republican Primary. Calfee, a former Roane County commissioner, received 3,414 votes to Hurley's 2,372.

  • Housing market feels uptick

    Real estate and construction in Roane County look dramatically different from pre-2008, before the housing market took a national nosedive.
    New home construction is sparse.
    Instead, consumers are buying moderately priced existing homes or remodeling their existing structures.
    The profit margin — if there is one — is also not nearly as good as it was in the past for those looking to sell.

  • Obamacare supported in Democratic primary

    Repealing the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obama-care, is a common battle cry amongst the candidates seeking the Republican nomination in the 3rd Congressional District.  
    You won’t hear any repeal talk on the Democratic side, however.
    “It is half a loaf, and the Republicans are saying they would rather have no loaf at all,” Mary Headrick said.

  • Mullins deal in works on tax penalties, fees

    Under the direction of Chancellor Frank Williams, lawyers have drafted an order that would eliminate penalties, interest and fees from the delinquent tax bill of Roane County road superintendent candidate Brian Mullins.
    Mullins was in court on July 20 fighting the 18-percent interest, attorneys fees and other penalties on his delinquent tax bill, which is running in the thousands-of-dollars range.

  • Mayfield donation ‘every-year’ thing

    Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said free Mayfield ice cream will be available at the department’s National Night Out on Tuesday.
    “Every year, they’ll donate to us either lemonade or ice cream,” he said.
    Michael Mayfield, son of Mayfield Dairy Farms president and congressional candidate Scottie Mayfield, was the focus of a vandalism investigation in April of this year.

  • Rockwood city worker found unconscious

    A Rockwood Park and Recreation employee was treated at Methodist Medical Center after being found unconscious at the Mike “Brillo” Miller Sports Complex last week.
    Mayor James Watts said employees found Mike Reed, who was transported by ambulance to Oak Ridge.
    “They put a stint in one of the arteries going to his heart. From what they tell me he’s doing OK,” Watts said.
    Watts said it’s not the first time that Reed has had health issues on the job and that he has heart issues.

  • Ferguson says no business will go to brother’s paving company

    Dennis Ferguson said the old adage of blood is thicker than water will not apply if he becomes Roane County road superintendent.
    “It don’t matter how thick it is,” he said. “My brother will not do no work for Roane County.”
    Greg Ferguson runs Ferguson’s Paving in Midtown. He’s done work for the county before.
    Some of the past jobs include sealing and restriping the parking lot of Kingston Elementary School and cleaning, sealing and striping a parking lot at Cherokee Middle School.

  • County takes wildlife agency to court on closed-road issue

    Roane County Attorney Tom McFarland has filed a complaint for declaratory judgment against the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in Roane County Chancery Court.
    A declaratory judgment is a judgment of a court which determines the rights of parties without ordering anything be done or awarding damages
    The county commission authorized him to do so by unanimous vote on July 9.
    At issue is what’s described in the complaint as “the Old Mountain Road,” which is located in the western part of the county.