Local News

  • State awards funds to aid in Temperance Bldg. repairs

    Harriman was recently awarded a grant for the historic Temperance Building.

    The grant from the Tennessee Historical Commission is around $30,000 and will include an estimated $20,000 match.

    “The first part of the process calls for a civil engineer to come in and access the structure and prioritize structural issues so we can begin addressing them,” said Harriman City Manager Kevin Helms.

    There may be a small amount of money left afterward to go toward addressing fixing the issues.

  • FEMA grant to help Rockwood Fire Dept.

    Rockwood Fire Department is getting some new self-contained breathing apparatus thanks to a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant.

    “This will replace all our self contained breathing apparatus,” said Chief Matt Crabtree.

    The award is $142,812 in grant and a match of $71,040. It will replace 26 packs.

    “We are just glad we got it,” Crabtree told Rockwood City Council late last month.

    The department’s packs are getting old, and they are expensive to replace.

  • Woman rescued from Harriman fire

    Harriman Fire Department rescued a woman from a Harriman Housing Authority home at 912 Clifty St. during the early morning hours on Friday.

    “We had to rescue one lady. When the call came in, we had a call we had a 6-year-old and female (adult) unaccounted for,” said Harriman Deputy Fire Chief Brad Daniels.

  • Sex offender accused of violating registry

    Sex offenders are required to let authorities know what vehicles they drive. 

    Andre Deshawn Boyd allegedly didn’t do so, which prompted state probation/parole officer Timothy Craig to charge him with violation of the sex offender registry. 

    Boyd, 33, is on the registry for an attempted aggravated sexual battery conviction. He pleaded guilty to that charge in Roane County Criminal Court in January. 

  • Houston son says he’s not guilty

    Cody Clyde Houston was arraigned in Roane County Criminal Court on Friday. 

    He faces one count of vandalism under $500 for allegedly damaging the turf on the Midway High School football field. 

  • Mountain man’ to serve 3 years for sex crimes

    Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks declined to give probation to an Oakdale man who took sexually explicit pictures of a minor. 

    “I’m not sure if the defendant appreciates the seriousness of this offense,” Wicks said. 

  • DA looking into firm tasked with ash spill cleanup

    District Attorney General Russell Johnson said he’s been disturbed by some of the things he’s heard from a lawyer representing people who worked on the TVA ash spill cleanup project. So much so that he’s considering launching a criminal probe. 

  • Rockwood man charged with rape

    A Rockwood man allegedly raped a teenager in Evans Heights Tuesday morning.

    Landon Adam Wolfe was arrested and charged with aggravated rape in the incident.

    According to the report, officers with the Rockwood Police Department were dispatched to Wolfe’s apartment at 146 Evans Heights just before 2 a.m. to investigate a rape complaint.

  • The heat is ON
  • ‘Thou shalt not’

    Two Harriman men are accused of trying to use a Bible to sneak drugs to an inmate in the Roane County Jail.

    James Dewey Sampson Jr., 43, and Alvin Dewey Sampson, 38, are each charged with introduction of contraband into a penal institution.

    According to the warrant, Alvin Sampson’s wife, Amanda Sampson, is an inmate at the jail.