Local News

  • Longtime road worker terminated

    Roane County Road Superintendent Dennis Ferguson provided little information on the April 28 dismissal of longtime Road Department employee Jimmy Henry.

    May 20 would have marked 31 years that Henry worked for the Roane County Road Department.

    A review of Henry’s personnel file on Thursday didn’t reveal any reasons about why he was fired.

    Ferguson was brief when asked about the matter.

    “His services were just no longer needed,” he said.

    Henry described how Ferguson gave him the news.

  • 12-year-old’s bravery applauded

    Last Tuesday was more than the celebration of Lexi Storey’s 12th birthday.

    Harriman American Legion members and others in the community also gathered to celebrate the strength of Lexi, who awoke on April 29 to find her mother unconscious and not breathing.

    Lexi’s mother, Stephanie Gibson, died later that day.

  • New attorney for mom accused of starving son

    Circuit Court Judge Mike Pemberton appointed Knoxville attorney Wesley Stone to represent Amanda Dotson in her first-degree murder case.

    The order was signed on Friday.

    She was previously represented by the 9th Judicial District Public Defender’s Office, but the office backed out in March because of a conflict.

    Amanda and Matthew Dotson face first-degree murder charges in Roane County Criminal Court for the death of their 2-year-old son, Clifford.

    He was allegedly starved to death.

  • Coffee break turns into shoplifting bust

    Two detectives with the Roane County Sheriff’s Office busted an alleged shoplifter at Kroger on Monday.

    Detective Jason Mynatt said he and Detective Emily Ciaravino were at the Starbucks inside the supermarket when he saw Marty Robinson walking around.

    “Your affiant (Mynatt) noticed that Mr. Robinson was concealing something under the shirt,” the report said.

    “Your affiant and Detective Ciaravino approached Mr. Robinson, identified themselves as law enforcement officers and requested that he stop.”

  • Field of DREAMS

    Turning the master plan for the Swan Pond Sports Complex from a vision into a reality is going to require years of work, lots of funding and some tough choices, according to county leaders.

    The original plan developed by TVA includes multiple baseball, softball and soccer fields along with other amenities.

    Proponents of the facility have pitched the complex as an important addition to the Roane County community that could stimulate the growth of restaurants and hotels.

  • I-40 construction work on schedule

    The construction work that has led to traffic backups on Interstate 40 and through Kingston is still expected to be completed by May 26, Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesman Mark Nagi said Wednesday.

    Construction crews are conducting bridge repairs on Interstate 40 between mile markers 350 and 352.

    The work has led to the interstate being reduced to one lane in both directions in that area.

  • Pickings slim for sex shop locations

    If a strip club or other adult-type business wants to locate in Rockwood someday, there won’t be many locations from which to choose.

    Rockwood City Council last month approved final reading of an ordinance defining adult businesses and limiting them to the M-2 zone, or heavy industrial district.

    “This would only [allow] these events or these businesses in a high-industrial area,” said Councilman Dudley Evans. “This would not include any of these on Gateway, Rockwood Street, Kingston Avenue.

  • Showers of blessings
  • ‘Star Trek’ star on check

    Former “Star Trek: Voyager” actress Jennifer Lien made a court appearance on Monday for what the public defender said was a status check.

    She didn’t want her picture taken, however, and she hid her face as she was leaving the courtroom.

    Lien has multiple charges pending in Roane County General Sessions Court for run-ins she had in 2015.

    One was over an alleged pursuit, in which she was charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

  • THP: Baby had cocaine in system

    The infant daughter of a West Tennessee couple arrested in Roane County last month had drugs in her system, according to the state trooper who made the arrest.

    The couple also reportedly told a state trooper they were fleeing the Memphis area because a gang placed a bounty on their family.

    William Harold Alexander, 42, and Latonya Lashay Alexander, 38, were charged with possession of schedule II drugs for transport, aggravated child endangerment, possession of a firearm while committing a dangerous felony, simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.