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  • Trio nominated for TVA board of directors

    From staff reports

    President Donald Trump on Thursday announced three nominees for the TVA board of directors.

    The nominees, who must be confirmed by Congress, include Jeffery Smith of Tennessee, Kenneth Allen of Kentucky, James R. Thompson II of Alabama and A.D. Frazier of Georgia.

  • Mother Nature’s PALETTE
  • Driver gets 10 years for fatal crash

    Robin Ledbetter was told in a somber, emotional tone Friday how her intoxicated driving impacted one Roane County family.

    “I sometimes sit on the side of the road for hours and reminisce — only to realize there will not be any more memories made with my brother because Robin Ledbetter wanted to take some pills,” John Clark said.

    John’s brother, Terrance Clark, was killed when Ledbetter crashed into him on Valentine’s Day 2015.

  • Navigating the Medicare MAZE

    In a 3-2 decision filed Wednesday, the Tennessee Supreme Court upheld two lower court decisions that tossed out Tom McFarland’s complaint over the 2014 circuit court judge election.

    McFarland lost the race to Mike Pemberton. After the defeat, he sought to have the results voided by filing a complaint in Roane County Chancery Court.

    Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood and the Court of Appeals determined the complaint was time-barred. The Supreme Court agreed.

  • Griffin out at animal shelter

    Director John Griffin is no longer with the Roane County Animal Shelter.

    “He’s still employed for a time period,” County Executive Ron Woody said Thursday, “but not at the shelter.”

    He added, “He won’t go back to the shelter.”

    Woody said a number of things led to the decision.

    For many rescue groups, it is cause for celebration. Members of those groups have complained Griffin did not do enough to work with others to relieve the facility’s overcrowding issues.

  • ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’

    Tabatha Clark’s life changed forever on Valentine’s Day. So much so that she dreads when Feb. 14 rolls around.

    “I hate Valentine’s Day now,” Tabatha said.

    Tabatha and her family were victims in an automobile wreck that occurred on Feb. 14, 2015, on Highway 70 in Midtown. Robin Ledbetter, a prescription drug addict in a stupor, crashed into them head-on.

    Tabatha and her son Leaf survived, but husband Terrance was killed.

  • The road not taken

    The Roane County Commission’s decision to accept a portion of Bournemouth Drive into the county road system last month didn’t go unnoticed.

    “We want our road took over by the county also,” said Tim Phillips, who lives on Wildwood Lane in the Dyllis area.

    So far officials have said no to the request, but Phillips along with some of his neighbors plan to continue pursuing the issue with county officials. Phillips said it’s an issue of fairness now that the county has accepted Bournemouth.

  • Deputy shot man holding toy gun

    The man shot in an officer-involved shooting that occurred Saturday was in stable condition as of Monday, according to the Roane County Sheriff’s Office.

    David B. Daugherty, 47, was shot multiple times by Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Joseph after he threatened officers who responded to a call about two males arguing at the 352 Mays Valley Road home, Sheriff Jack Stockton said.

    The incident is being investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the 9th Judicial District Attorney General’s Office.

  • Roane County Animal Shelter chief placed on leave

    The Roane County Animal Shelter rode a wave of highs and lows over the weekend.

    The announcement the Shelter now has all its dogs fully vetted was followed a few days later with Director John Griffin placed on administrative leave.

    “There are some personnel issues we cannot discuss,” County Executive Ron Woody said Tuesday. “I really cannot talk about personnel issues.”

    The Roane County News filed a Freedom of Information Act request late Tuesday morning and will follow up on it.