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  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Federal lawsuit shows school system failure

    Kind reader, it is with a mixed feeling of sadness and outrage that we write the following, for it concerns mistreatment of a child by the very people whose job it is, and whose professional claim of skill and expertise it is, to take care of children.

    The child, whom we will obviously not identify by name, was a little boy who entered kindergarten in Roane County in 2005.

  • GLIMPSES: Was Civil War a waste? Historian gives his take


    Author’s note: The following three premises are essential to this column.

    1) None of us see the past or present with absolute clarity; 2) Each of us has the capacity for glimpses of informed insight that draw from and reflect our personal values; and 3) Cordial, forthright exchange of those insights enhances our mutual well being.

  • Harriman man giving away store

    Terry Webb’s auto electric repair shop in Harriman is old-school, for those who remember places like his.

    The decor is accented with pegboard, the combined smell of grease and dust is somehow pleasant, and the guys in the shop get along like family.

    To Webb, they are.

    That’s why, when his fight with cancer leads to what he believes will be its inevitable conclusion, he’s making sure the store will be theirs.

  • Bowers start complicated by widening

    All Roane County Schools are scheduled to open on Monday.

    Director of Schools Gary Aytes said the only place where there might be an issue is Bowers Elementary School because of the widening project on Ruritan Road.

    The project includes new entrances to the Harriman school.

    “We’re a little concerned with the Bowers situation,” Aytes said. “It looks a little rough right now with the road construction, but they assure us they’re going to have us two entrances ready by Monday.”

  • Cotton Morgan memorial service set at Morgan County prison

    A memorial service will be held at the Morgan County Correctional Complex today – Friday – in remembrance of former corrections officer Wayne “Cotton” Morgan.

    He was killed in the parking lot of the Roane County Courthouse on Aug. 9, 2005. Sunday will mark 10 years since his death.


    Five juveniles had to be removed from Roane Academy after attempting to takeover the facility Monday evening.

    The overnight incident capped a busy weekend searching for youth who escaped the facility.

    Deputies with the Roane County Sheriff’s Office and officers with the Rockwood Police Department responded to Monday’s incident.

    “They did cause a big ruckus and try to incite a takeover,” Chief Deputy Tim Phillips said.

  • Neighbor rattled by Academy incidents

    Jack Martin’s concern is understandable.

    Police swarmed his Hwy. 27 farm this weekend in search of the young men who escaped from Roane Academy in two separate incidents this weekend — incidents that precluded an attempted takeover by five youth on Monday.

    Roane Academy is a residential treatment facility for young men in state custody for a variety of issues, including dependent and neglect cases, behavioral and juvenile justice cases.

  • Both Gallaher twins behind bars

    Derek Gallaher has joined his twin brother at the Roane County Jail.

    He was arrested on July 31 for violation of probation, and remained in custody Tuesday afternoon.

    Eric Gallaher reported to the jail on July 27 to start serving a nine-year prison sentence for voluntary manslaughter and selling cocaine in a protected zone.

    The victim in the manslaughter case was David Lee Harvey.

    He died outside of the Grill & Pub bar in 2011 after being punched by Eric Gallaher.