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  • Largen wants judge off case

    Gerald Largen has filed a motion to recuse Circuit Court Judge Mike Pemberton from the lawsuit he has filed against the city of Harriman regarding the legality of a decades-old annexation into South Harriman.

    “The said judge has now abandoned any semblance of impartiality between the parties in this controversy,” Largen wrote in his motion.

  • Tiger Town from On High
  • Fire engulfs South of the River home

    A young family lost their home in a Monday fire at 289 Willow Springs Road, Ten Mile.

    The home belonged to Brandon and Amanda Cardwell, who had two young children.

    Fire Chief Sam Wolfe of South Roane County Volunteer Fire Department said the call came in at 3:46 p.m.

    “Unfortunately, the house, when we got there, it was through the roof and completely involved,” said Wolfe.

    “We believe it started in a propane heater that was back in the kitchen and bedroom area of the house,” he added.

  • Road staff working to make the going easier in the snow

    With a possibility for snow later in the week, Roane County Road Superintendent Dennis Ferguson is keeping a close eye on the forecast.

    “We’re prepared and ready to go if it snows,” Ferguson said Tuesday morning. “We’ve got lots of salt in the yard at Midtown. All the trucks are loaded and ready to go if it snows.”

    Ferguson believes preparation is the key to handling winter weather.

    With snow in the forecast, he stays in constant contact with the National Weather Service.

  • A visit from St. Nick
  • Roane tapped as ThreeStar community

    Roane County was among the communities cited by Gov. Bill Haslam and the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development with a ThreeStar award at the 2016 Governor’s Conference on Economic and Community Development in Nashville.

    “The ThreeStar Program is a valuable tool for economic development in Roane County providing us another opportunity for collaboration between the individual cities,” said Teresa Jackson, Roane County ThreeStar coordinator.

  • What’s new in Tennessee this year? A lot, that’s what

    The Volunteer State is growing by leaps and bounds, and the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development is showcasing what Tennesseans can discover in their state in 2017.

    New Ventures in East Tennessee

    East Tennessee is going to be the ultimate 2017 getaway.

    Tennesseans can book a stay at the Tennessean Hotel, Knoxville’s first personal luxury hotel opening this spring.

    Or travel to Chattanooga to admire never-before-seen vintage guitars at the Songbirds Guitar Museum opening in March.

  • Christmas traffic stop leads to 4 arrests

    Four people went to jail following a Christmas Day traffic stop in Harriman.

    According to warrants, it all started when police spotted Jesse Holt driving a Ford Taurus. Holt’s driver’s license is reportedly revoked, so he was taken to jail.

    “His brother, Jeremiah Holt, was a passenger in the front of the same car where scales used to weigh drugs was discovered,” the warrant said.


    The man responsible for her husband’s death may be back behind bars, but Jennifer Ladd Lively is not celebrating.

    “Bryan Howard is worthless,” she said of the man convicted in the 2007 vehicular homicide death of Keith Lively. “He said he wanted to kill himself, and I want to ask why didn’t [he], and just make it easier on everybody?

    “At least, if that is what he wanted, I would tell him not to take anyone with [him].”

  • State enforcing tougher vehicular homicide law

    The state is getting tougher on people who commit vehicular homicide.

    A new law that took effect on Jan. 1 makes vehicular homicide defendants ineligible for probation if alcohol or drugs are involved.

    “We have a lot of victims who are frustrated by the fact that they are eligible for probation,” Assistant District Attorney General Bob Edwards said. “Victims’ families are unhappy about it, so I think this is going to be something that the victims’ families are going to be very appreciative of.”