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  • Hartup ousts Morgan

    You just never know what the future holds.

    Molly Leggins Hartup is an example of that.

    “I had no idea when I started working in the assessor’s office in 2007 that I would one day be the property assessor,” she said.

    The day that she never foresaw is a reality now, thanks to her victory in Thursday’s election.

    Hartup defeated incumbent David Morgan and two other challengers to win the property assessor’s race.

    She will take over the job on Sept. 1.

  • Former public works director arrested with weapons

      Former Rockwood Public Works Director Tom Pierce was arrested Friday afternoon after a tip he was threatening to kill people in Rockwood, specifically a former Rockwood official.

  • Hartup thanks Roane County for election win

    Molly Leggins Hartup started campaigning for Roane County property assessor in July 2015.

    The months of stumping paid off on Thursday as she was able to beat three challengers to become the next property assessor.

    “Thank you Roane County so very much,” Hartup said. “Thank you for your vote, and thank you for believing in me.”

  • All precincts in: Hartup new property assessor; Ferguson stays as road superintendent; Best Harriman mayor

    *Molly Leggins-Hartup    2966    38.04%
    Danny Holloway    1244    15.95%
    David Morgan    1353    17.35%
    Sammy Sams    2235    28.66%

    Tim Clark    2490    31.69%
    *Dennis Ferguson    4145    52.76%
    Brian Mullins    1,222    15.55%

  • Hartup, Ferguson, Best ahead in early voting results

    Unless he receives some relief on appeal, Shawn Smoot will never again be a free man.

    After finding him guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Brooke Nicole Morris on Wednesday, the Roane County jury of seven women and five men decided Thursday that his punishment for the crime is life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    “I’m grateful,” Assistant District Attorney General Bob Edwards said after the proceedings concluded on Thursday.

    “I think everybody needed this. I’m grateful that it’s done.”

  • Former Harriman officer says he was hurt in shootout

    A former Harriman police officer who retired after a shoot-out in March claims he was forced out of the department and shunned by his fellow officers.

    Steve Hart, a five year veteran of the Harriman Police Department, wants the investigation into the shooting reopened.

    Although an official version of the events indicates that no officers were shot, Hart insists he suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

    “I was shot in the line of duty,” he said.

  • Action at Plateau Park

    By Joe King

    Roane County News

    It may not be the ushering in of an industrial facility, but a Thursday morning groundbreaking at the tri-county Plateau Partnership site in Cumberland County could lay the ground work for some major impact in Roane County.

    On Thursday morning, leaders of the partnership and county officials gathered to break ground for a 1-megawatt solar array for the site.

  • Capture ends Rockwood man’s habitual flight

    A Wednesday manhunt resulted in the capture of David Paul Wicks.

    Roane County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Tim Phillips said it started that morning when an off-duty Rockwood police officer noticed Wicks in a vehicle near the Rhea County line.

    “He was able to notify some other folks, so they saturated the area and realized that Mr. Wicks had driven down Rucker Road, may have gotten the vehicle stuck, jumped out and fled,” Phillips said.

    “After that, they set up a command post and a perimeter.”