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  • Ruppe, Kilby meet with Britain's Consul General


    Her Majesty’s Consul General Martin Rickerd came to Morgan County last week to meet with Sen. Tommy Kilby and County Executive Becky Ruppe to discuss bio-fuels.

    “Mr. Rickerd’s visit was to discuss alternative fuels, energy sources and different possibilities of the United Kingdom and the United States doing energy related businesses together,” Ruppe said in a press release.

    Ruppe said Rickerd was especially interested in the Northington Energy bio-diesel plant which is under construction in Flat Fork Business Park.

  • Lancing Festival is Saturday


    Morgan County News Editor

    They’ve been planning for months and the weekend for the Second Annual Lancing Festival is almost here.

    Lots of great activities are planned throughout the day beginning at 11 a.m. when the festival opens.

    New this year will be a special storytelling session to record (both audio and video) your memories of Lancing. That session will begin at 1 p.m. in the Presbyterian Church, and everyone is invited to come, listen and participate.

  • Shuler skeptics critical of TVA ties, deal



    What does a North Carolina congressional race have to do with Roane County?

    Plenty, if you’re Heath Shuler.

    The Democratic congressman, who represents North Carolina’s 11th District, has been catching flak lately for a deal involving one of his companies and TVA.

    The controversy involves a business deal with an agency Shuler helps oversee.

    He serves on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

  • Expo supporter asks Harriman for financial support



    A representative from Friends of the Expo approached Harriman City Council this month in a presentation about upcoming fundraising events for the Henry/Stafford East Tennessee Agricultural Exposition Center at Roane State Community College.

  • Dual office feud involving Beets still simmering



    Kingston City Councilman Brant Williams’ feud with Mayor Troy Beets is not burning out.

    Williams contends that Beets’ roles — serving as both city mayor and county commissioner — are in conflict.

    He cites matters involving the city and the county, including abandoning a Kingston street for the county jail.

    “One man can’t run two offices,” Williams said.

    In May, Williams requested an opinion from the state attorney general on this issue.

  • 'Cowboy' shooters rile neighbors



    John Sterling said he’s all about being a good neighbor.

    Tell that to the folks nearby.

    Some of them didn’t like the idea of him getting a special-use permit to allow firearm training on his property at 3997 Sugar Grove Valley Road.

    Sterling stated his case for the permit Wednesday evening before the Roane County Board of Zoning Appeals.

    Neighbors showed up to argue against it. In the end, the board denied his request by a 4-0 vote.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Patton reinstated as constable

    Mark Patton is the rightful constable of the 6th District, a special chancellor ruled Friday morning.

    Chancellor Billy Joe White reinstated Patton during a Roane County Chancery Court hearing. Patton, who was elected to the seat during the 2006 Roane County General Election, submitted a resignation a year later, then withdrew it on claims that it wasn't properly accepted by Roane County Commission.

    He sued the county after officials disagreed with his assertion and appointed Caleb Strayer.

  • Patton vows 'to start cleaning up this county'



    Mark Patton is and has always been a 6th District constable since he was elected in August 2006.

    That was the ruling of Special Chancellor Billy Joe White Friday morning.

    “My opinion is the constable is still the constable,” White said.

    Patton called the case a victory for the working man and wasted no time sharing his courtroom triumph with the public.

  • More twists emerge in Patton case



    For months Mark Patton and his attorney have contended there is no constable vacancy in the 6th District.

    That position has shifted a bit recently. There was no candidate for constable in the county election, but Patton did receive some write-in votes.

    “We don’t think there was a vacancy, but if there was one, he may have been elected back to office,” attorney Chris Cawood said.

  • Dog weight, breed issues blow over in Rockwood



    A proposed Rockwood ordinance on vicious dogs received applause, rather than opposition this time.

    The difference was the latest version didn’t ban any particular breeds.

    However, new additions to the proposal did stir audience ire.

    Dog activists and dog lovers attended the city council meeting Monday night to advise the council against any reference to specific breeds.