• Roane County E-911 July dispatches
  • Alleged mom killer’s trial put on hold

    From staff reports

    A murder trial scheduled to take place this week in Roane County Criminal Court has been postponed.

    Milford Barnett is accused of killing his mother, Pearl Barnett, in April 2007.

    District Attorney General Russell Johnson said the public defender got permission to be out of court this week because his wife was sick.   

    The trial may get reset for later this month.  

    “It’s possibly going to be moved to Aug. 23,” Johnson said.


  • Fire hydrant testing under way in Harriman

    Harriman Fire Department and the Harriman Utility Board have begun conducting annual flow tests on fire hydrants within the city.

    The testing will continue until the process is complete.

    “This is a vital process in making sure the lines are flushed annually and fire hydrants are operational during an emergency,” said Harriman Fire Chief Brad Goss.

  • THP to conduct sobriety check in Roane Co.

    The Tennessee Highway Patrol will conduct sobriety roadside safety checkpoints in Roane County during the week of Aug. 1 on Hwy. 58 near the new bridge.

    Impaired driving is a serious crime that annually kills more than 16,000 people and injures 305,000 in the United States, a THP release said.

  • THP to conduct license checks week of July 22

    The Tennessee Highway Patrol will conduct driver license roadside safety checkpoints during the week of July 22 at Hwy. 70 and Poland Hollow Road in Roane County.

    Recognizing the danger presented to the public by unqualified drivers, troopers will concentrate their efforts on vehicles being operated by drivers who would violate the driver license laws of Tennessee.

  • Rockwood police make drug arrests

    Crack cocaine was allegedly found on a Rockwood man already wanted on drug charges.

    According to an arrest report, a Rockwood police officer saw Elvin Landis Witherspoon walking in Evans Heights on Thursday.

    The report said Witherspoon, 30, was arrested after the officer was advised of his active warrants for drug charges.

    “Upon taking subject into custody, he advised he had a $20 rock in his left pocket,” the report said. “I removed it and he stated that it was crack cocaine.”   

  • Drug Task Force payment part of sentence meted

    From staff reports

    A Rockwood man charged with selling cocaine agreed to fork over some money to a fund aimed at helping law enforcement fight the war on drugs.

     Harlan Shane Clower was charged in October 2007 on two counts of selling cocaine. He appeared in Roane County Criminal Court on June 27.

    “Mr. Clower, do you agree that there are ample facts for you to enter a plea of guilty without having those stated by the attorney general?” Judge Eugene Eblen asked.

  • Mortgage fraud one of major schemes

    Mortgage fraud schemes continue to be a major problem in communities across the nation, and combating them is one of the Department of Justice’s highest priorities.

    U.S. Attorney Bill Killian said the Eastern District of Tennessee is averaging one mortgage fraud case per month.

    Total losses estimated by all the mortgage fraud cases currently being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office are in the tens of millions of dollars.

    Assistant U.S. attorneys have been active in pursuing the prosecution of these cases.

  • Roane County E-911 May dispatches
  • THP to conduct sobriety checks in June

    The Tennessee Highway Patrol will conduct three sobriety roadside safety checkpoints during June in Roane County.

    One of the checkpoints will be from 9 to 10 p.m. June 10 on Patton Lane (Hwy. 382) near the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Two checkpoints are planned on June 24 — from 8 to 9 p.m. at Hwy. 70 and Swan Pond Road, and from 10 to 11 p.m. on Pine Ridge Road (Hwy. 29).