• Roane County E-911 July Dispatches
  • Harriman mayor gives police a hand

    Harriman Mayor Chris Mason doesn’t mind working side by side with his city employees.
    Mason, who earlier this month saw Harriman police struggle with a distraught man near Lon Mee bridge, helped police get the man under control.
    Harriman Assistant Police Chief Kenneth Humphrey’s reported he and Detective Jason Joseph were attempting to subdue the man, “and Harriman Mayor Chris Mason was driving by and saw the commotion and stopped and assisted us.”

  • Digital system silent on scanners

    People who like to monitor police radio traffic on scanners may have noticed a lot of silence lately. 

    That’s because police and other emergency agencies are now using a new communications system.

    Robert Langley, assistant director for Roane County E-911, said it’s a 700/800 MHz digital system. 

    It may mean scanner silence for the general public, but Langley said the new system has interoperability, which allows better communication between police, firemen and other emergency workers.