KAITLIN KEANE/Roane Newspapers
Rich, green grass shows the area at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant is recovering from the more than 5 million cubic yards of coal ash that was expelled upon it in December 2008. Today is the sixth anniversary of what has been called one of the worst environmental disasters of its kind. The years-long cleanup is expected to be complete next year. School building projects were taken care of with most of the $43 million the agency paid the county, and a sports complex and park is in the works on adjacent land.
TVA still making amends for disaster



Work that TVA has done in the Swan Pond community because of the ash spill is now a marketing tool for the area, according to the agency’s top executive.

“I understand from talking to some of the local people here that this has actually turned out to be an attraction, helpful in people looking to buy houses in the area,” TVA President and CEO Bill Johnson said about Lakeshore Park, a recreation area that opened in May.