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    Dressed in full-body sterile protection affectionately called a “bunny suit,” Roane Medical Center pharmacy technician Cotton Tucker, 59, was busy at work in late July 2017.

    One of Tucker’s duties at the Harriman hospital is to fill and deliver prescription medicine carts that physicians need during surgery, and she carefully put everything in its place.

    “You take your [prescription medicine] fill to each room. Anesthesia has six carts, and I did the first one; I remember that. But that’s all I remember,” she said.

  • GOING with the FLO: Play your role in making America better

    What can you do to make our America better? Each of us can do something in our sphere of influence. First, we can pray!

    We had the opportunity to hear Congresswoman Michele Bachmann this weekend. She is a brilliant and knowledgeable fighter for our freedom and a powerful prayer warrior.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: A fond farewell to newly departed friends

    Some where, some time, we read of a theory about the timing of dying. It seems that some student of the subject has detected a definite correlation between the changing seasons and the number of folks dying.

    Over the years I have tended to observe the same correlation, and this current change from autumn into winter has been no exception.

  • Inmate leaps from jail balcony

    Robert Wesley Bandy, an inmate at the Roane County Jail, jumped off a balcony in one of the housing pods last month.

    He didn’t get up and walk away.

    According to a report on the incident, Bandy left the facility on a stretcher and was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, a level 1 trauma center.

    Bandy is not the first inmate to jump off one of the balconies.

    “I don’t know of any way to stop them from doing it,” Sheriff Jack Stockton said.

  • Rockwood shelter head calls it quits

    Rockwood animal control officer and animal shelter coordinator Mark Neeley abruptly resigned earlier this week.

    Rockwood Police Chief Bill Stinnett said Neeley had been out for Christmas and then called in sick a few days. He said Neeley tendered his resignation in a phone message left at Rockwood City Hall.

    “I was a little surprised,” Stinnett said. “I’ve not gotten to talk to him.”

    Stinnett said a number of volunteers at the shelter have stepped up to make sure the animals are taken care of.

  • Pistol-toting newcomer accused of robbing CVS

    A Harriman newcomer is charged with holding up the city’s CVS Pharmacy at 1136 S. Roane St. on Tuesday afternoon.

    William Folger, 31, originally from Kentucky, is charged with aggravated robbery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    “The call came out and within minutes we were in the area and had units scanning the area and going to CVS to go through the surveillance,” said Harriman Police Chief Derek Pacifico.

  • Man accused of pulling knife on police

    A Rockwood man allegedly pulled a knife on police when told he was under arrest on Dec. 30.

    Daniel K. Frost was charged with aggravated assault, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest and drug possession in the incident.

    According to the report, Officer Kendall Mitchell responded to 537 S. Kingston Ave. shortly after midnight.

  • NAACP, Foundation volunteers almost finished with Greenwood School redo

    Volunteers working with the NAACP and Greenwood School Foundation have almost completed the restoration of the Greenwood School in Kingston.

    NAACP Roane County chapter president Joe Eskridge showed off the amenities added to the building during a recent event to mark the donation of $500 to the Foundation from Y-12 Federal Credit Union.

    Eskridge thanked Y-12’s Community and Public Relations Director Betsy Cunningham for the donation.

    “We want to thank Y-12 for this donation and their interest in helping the community,” he said.

  • Weekend shooter’s identity still unreleased

    Harriman police are continuing their investigation into a 225 Harding Drive shooting death that took the life of Jacob Christian Sizemore on Saturday.

    “The autopsy is done. It didn’t tell us anything new,” said Police Chief Derek Pacifico.

    Sizemore suffered one gunshot that traveled in his neck, through his chest and into his arm.

    The department is still not naming the shooter, who admitted to the killing, but police are wading through information to determine if it was self defense or murder.