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  • Alleged rapist indicted

    The case against registered sex offender Matthew Brandon Hall will continue in Roane County Criminal Court.

    General Sessions Court Judge Jeff Wicks sent his case to the grand jury on two counts of rape and one count of aggravated assault following a preliminary hearing in April.

    The grand jury reviewed the case this week and indicted Hall on the charges. He’s scheduled to be arraigned in criminal court next week.

    Hall has a 2008 conviction for sexual battery by an authority figure.

  • Powers indicted from car chase

    The Roane County grand jury indicted Christopher Lee Powers on charges related to his Feb. 9 car chase.

    Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy John Mayes shot Powers multiple times at the end of the chase after Powers rammed his police cruiser at the Airport Road exit ramp.

    Before he was out of the hospital, authorities had charged Powers with multiple crimes related to the incident, including aggravated assault, evading arrest, reckless endangerment, driving on a revoked license, DUI and speeding.

  • Former officer Gambrell indicted

    A former police officer accused of shooting his estranged wife on March 21 is now indicted on attempted second degree murder.

    A Roane County grand jury also returned a true bill on two counts of aggravated assault (weapon involved) on Jeremy A.Gambrell, 41, 142 Bridges Drive.

    According to the true bill, Jeremy Gambrell attempted to kill Jenny Gambrell and assaulted her “by use or display of a deadly weapon.” Gambrell is also charged with assaulting Brice R. Dick, who was at the home with Jenny Gambrell at the time.

  • An Independence Day donation
  • Grants help with homes in need

    Rockwood is getting a help with its cleanup efforts, with $250,000 from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency to help fix up homes.

    “That is really a good thing,” said Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller.

    The program helps selected low-income homeowners with rehabilitation projects.

    “Anyone interested can contact myself or (building inspector) Harold Ishman. However, we won’t have the applications available until the process starts,” said city recorder Becky Ruppe.

  • Camp Get Out
  • Wheels of justice grinding slowly

    Often it’s the victim’s side that expresses frustration at pace of the criminal court system in Roane County.

    In the case of Roy Cook, it’s the defendant.

    Cook was indicted on one count of extortion on Oct. 21, 2013. The alleged victim is his brother, Andrew Cook.

    “I want the charge dismissed and I want to find out why this thing ever got this far,” Roy Cook said. “Every time I’ve ever gone to court, I sit around for two hours and waste my time,” he said.

  • Decision could free Leon Houston

    The fate of Leon Houston, one of the most notorious men in Roane County, is now in the hands of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Houston was found not guilty in a bloody 2006 shootout that left a sheriff’s deputy and his ride-along friend dead. He was later convicted in federal court over statements made on the jail communications system that he wanted to kill one of his former defense lawyers.

    However, U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a Pennsylvania case put Houston’s 2013 conviction in question.

  • Canning College
  • Budget decision expected soon

    There could be action on Roane County’s 2015-16 budget at next month’s County Commission meeting.

    After doing some research, Roane County Executive Ron Woody said he believes the commission can vote to appropriate money for the different county budgets without setting the property tax rates that will support those budgets.