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  • Judge seat to be on 2016 ballot?

    The Ninth Judicial District criminal court judge wasn’t supposed to be on the ballot next August, but that could change.

    Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen said Monday that he plans to retire at the end of the year.

    If that happens, it could trigger a chain of events that includes a gubernatorial appointment and a special election in August 2016 to fill out the term.

  • Patriotism through song
  • Kingston to rebid greenway amenities

    Some highly anticipated upgrades to Kingston’s Ladd Landing Greenway are moving forward, but how the project will shake out is still unknown.

    The addition of an array of amenities at the greenway is being rebid after the sole bid in the first round was well above what Kingston had budgeted.

    Councilman Tony Brown was especially outspoken on the project at a Kingston City Council meeting this month.

  • Old papermill buildings going down

    Harriman officials decided against keeping several buildings at the former papermill property.

    “If we decide to keep any of the buildings in the future ... if we (later) decide to demolish them … it would be our responsibility,” said Councilman Ken Mynatt.

    Removing all the old buildings now would place the costs on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Mead Westvaco cleanup, which is ongoing at the property.

    Earlier this year, the EPA asked the city for guidance on what to do with a few of the buildings.


    Harriman officials have taken the first steps in the budget process.

    City Manager Kevin Helms said department heads have made their proposals to city officials. Not surprisingly, the wish list of expenditures outpace projected revenues.

    “We are trying to put our recommendation together on what should be included,” Helms said.

  • Man accused of pushing woman out of vehicle

    A Rockwood man is facing an aggravated assault charge for allegedly pushing a woman out of a vehicle. Steven Marney, 29, was arrested on May 15.

    According to the warrant, Rockwood Police Officer Charles Haubrich went to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville to speak to Lolita Lassiter, the alleged victim.

  • Rebates offered for green vehicle purchase

    The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Office of Energy Programs said it will offer a two-tiered rebate on qualifying electric vehicles that are purchased or leased and registered in the state of Tennessee.

    “Electric vehicles are a great alternative for Tennesseans looking to do their part in protecting the air we breathe,” TDEC Commissioner Bob Martineau said. “This rebate program is a way to assist consumers making environmentally conscious transportation decisions.”


    Dec. 31 won’t just mark the end of 2015 for Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen.

    It could also mark the end of his tenure.

    Eblen said Monday that he plans to retire at the end of the year.

    “I’ll have been doing this for 48-and-1/2 years when that rolls around, and I’m turning 80,” he said. “When you start hitting your 80s, it’s about time to think about slowing down.”

  • Not so fair Faire opening

    Heavy rains may have soaked everything at the Tennessee Medieval Faire at Saturday’s opening, but one thing wasn’t dampened.

    That was the spirits of those who showed up.

    “We think we did well, even with the weather,” said Barrie Paulson, one of the key organizers of the event. “The people that come with bad weather are the diehards.”

    Paulson estimated attendance at between 600 and 700 a day, about what it was last fall when organizers held their preview show.

  • Three Roane County cities make Top-50 Safest list in Tennessee

    Kingston, Rockwood and Harriman made Niche Rankings’ just-released Top-50 Safest Cities in Tennessee list.

    The group looked at FBI Uniform Crime Statistics reports for nearly 4,300 cities and towns in the state, although only about 1,800 met the criteria for grading.

    Kingston was ranked No. 8 on the list, Rockwood was No. 16 and Harriman was No. 30. Nearby Dayton (No. 10) and Crossville (No. 38) also made the list.

    Wade Creswell, the president and CEO of The Roane Alliance, was pleased with the Roane County municipal representations.