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  • Everybody loves a parade
  • Fallen limb causes injuries, outages

    A tree fell onto a vehicle on Race St. shortly after the start of the Kingston Christmas Parade Monday night, dropping a power line, breaking the windshield of the vehicle and injuring the passenger.

    Two others were injured by the falling power line and transported to the hospital.

    “I heard the tree crack but thought it was part of the parade,” said Garrett Strickland of Kingston, who was driving the BMW 535i near Johnson Street and Race Street and waiting for the parade to pass.

  • Baby Kayden’s inoperable brain tumor robbed Christophers of hope, but medicine and miracles turn to milestones and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

    When Kayden Christopher was first diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, his family had little hope for his future.

    Today, thanks to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, they had a big reason to count their blessings this holiday season.

    Matt Christopher said his 15-month-old son’s tumor, while still inoperable because of its location, has shrunk thanks to powerful chemotherapy treatment at the famous hospital in Memphis.

  • Rosado now in prison

    After spending nearly 14 months at the Roane County Jail, Tammy Rosado was moved to a state prison earlier this month to finish out her five-year sentence on a voluntary manslaughter conviction.

    “I’m glad,” Ashley Griffith said.

    Rosado shot Griffith’s father, James Cobb, on April 4, 2012. He died a few days later at a hospital.     

    Rosado, who had been in a romantic relationship with Cobb, was charged with second-degree murder.

  • Puckett sentencing reset for Oct. 2017

    It could be next fall before a Kingston woman finds out how much time she’ll have to spend in federal prison for her role in a pill mill case.

    Stephanie Puckett pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute oxycodone last year.

    She was scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 13, but the hearing was reset on Monday to Oct. 10, 2017.

    According to court records, Puckett worked at several pain clinics in and around Knoxville from mid-2012 to March 2015.

  • THP busts fugitive, driver on drug charges

    The Tennessee Highway Patrol drug fund got a boost this month, thanks to an out-of-state fugitive Trooper Robert Woody arrested in Roane County.

    Reonoppolis D. Taylor was a passenger in a 2002 Ford Explorer that Woody stopped on Interstate 40 on Nov. 5. Digital scales, methamphetamine, rubber bands, a spoon with burn marks and a drug needle were reportedly found in the vehicle. Taylor also had $1,015 in cash in his front pocket.  

  • Service & Sacrifice
  • ‘You can see God in it’

    In the Bible, Jesus performed a miracle by feeding 5,000 men — not counting women and children — with only five loaves of bread and two fish.

    Walnut Hill Baptist Church Outreach Leader Faye Daniels isn’t necessarily performing miracles, but she is doing a lot with a little, as the small church in Harriman feeds and clothes hundreds of area residents each week with donations alone.

  • Kingston sweeps Oliver Springs in county hoops battle


  • Tigers vs. Tigers 2 tussle ends in a split

    In a true “Tiger Tussle," the Sunbright Lady Tigers outlasted the Rockwood Lady Tigers by a 45-36 margin, while the Rockwood boys romped to a resounding 51-25 drubbing of the Sunbright Tigers.
    Sunbright 45, Rockwood 36: For three periods of play, the Sunbright and Rockwood Lady Tiger squads battled tooth and nail until in the final period, the Sunbright Lady Tigers asserted their dominance with a 15-6 tilt to close out the game to pick up a hard-fought 45-36 win at the Dr. Tom Evans Gymnasium in Rockwood on Tuesday night.