Today's News

  • Houston son says he’s not guilty

    Cody Clyde Houston was arraigned in Roane County Criminal Court on Friday. 

    He faces one count of vandalism under $500 for allegedly damaging the turf on the Midway High School football field. 

  • Mountain man’ to serve 3 years for sex crimes

    Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks declined to give probation to an Oakdale man who took sexually explicit pictures of a minor. 

    “I’m not sure if the defendant appreciates the seriousness of this offense,” Wicks said. 

  • DA looking into firm tasked with ash spill cleanup

    District Attorney General Russell Johnson said he’s been disturbed by some of the things he’s heard from a lawyer representing people who worked on the TVA ash spill cleanup project. So much so that he’s considering launching a criminal probe. 

  • Out to Lunch: Relax with lunch at Harrison's

    The husband of one of my high school classmates recommended our latest “Out To Lunch” adventure at Harrison’s Grill & Bar in Clinton.

    Nathan Stonecipher went to school in Oliver Springs and married Ellis Mae Darby from Oak Ridge. They are both members of our Oak Ridge High School, ’54-’55-’56 Reunion Committee.

    Unfortunately, Nathan and Ellis were traveling out of the state and missed our lunch meeting at Harrison’s.

  • Holding athletes accountable for their actions

    If you keep up with SEC football, surely you’re aware of the name Hugh Freeze and his inglorious fall from grace.

    To catch up those who don’t know about Hugh Freeze, the embattled ex-head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels and a self-professing “man of God.” He was facing numerous sanctions from a pending NCAA investigation and was forced to resign after it was revealed that Freeze called an escort service on a university-issued phone.

  • Beating the heat to win in fall

    Fall is coming and with the changing of the weather.

    The funny thing about football is that before a team takes the field, there is a very big opponent that has to be beaten.


    I know it sounds cliche to say “beat the heat,” but it’s true. A football team on any level has to beat the heat.

    Ironic that it happens to be a sport set during the cooler and colder months of the year. It’s a big reason why so many big-time collegiate programs and NFL teams play inside.

  • GOING with the FLO: Leaky lessons can be learned from our history


    If we are to survive, we must restore the true vision of faith and freedom where God is sovereign again.

    George Washington said that “the propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which heaven itself has ordained. We must restore religious liberties in our land or we can be assured that the smiles of heaven will soon turn to wrath.”

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: We share some memories, but some we don’t

    Sympathetic reader, although she was allotted a full score more than the scriptural three score and ten years, it still seems that four score and ten years was not enough time for us to have the privilege that came with knowing Polly Burnette, for her time was always devoted to serving others and bringing happiness to all those with whom she came into contact.

  • Rockwood man charged with rape

    A Rockwood man allegedly raped a teenager in Evans Heights Tuesday morning.

    Landon Adam Wolfe was arrested and charged with aggravated rape in the incident.

    According to the report, officers with the Rockwood Police Department were dispatched to Wolfe’s apartment at 146 Evans Heights just before 2 a.m. to investigate a rape complaint.

  • The heat is ON