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  • Oakdale man strikes pole near Harriman city building

    An Oakdale man struck a light pole and planter at Harriman City Office Complex on Labor Day.

    Timothy H. Elkins, 31, was charged with driving under the influence.

    Harriman Police Lt. Jarrod Whitson responded to the accident and reported Elkins said he had been traveling south on North Roane Street when he reached to answer his phone, pulled too far to the right and left the roadway, striking the light pole and planter.

    He also reportedly admitted to drinking two beers with a friend.

  • Land block lawsuit judge pauses

    Circuit Court Judge Mike Pemberton might not hear the lawsuit Dr. Julian Ahler brought against blogger Steve Scarborough.

    At issue is Old Stage Road. Ahler has accused Scarborough and his wife, Anne, of placing barricades across the road, thereby denying him access to property he owns on Williams Mountain Road.

    Pemberton, a Rockwood native, said he knows the area firsthand and the parties involved. That gives him pause about presiding over the case.

  • Sturgeon release part of Muir Fest

    From staff reports

    Visitors at the Muir Fest in Kingston tomorrow will have a unique opportunity to participate in an important project to restore an endangered fish to its once native habitat.

    Thousands of young sturgeon will be released into Watts Bar Lake in an event to be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the bridge crossing the cove below Fort Southwest Point.

  • NOW SAY ‘AHHHH ...’

    Improvements in technology are leading to better healthcare for students in Roane County Schools, as the school system is partnering with eMD Anywhere to bring a school-based medical clinic to all 17 schools in the county.

  • GLIMPSES: Another Fort Sanders encounter draws little attention nationwide


    Mark Twain’s observation that “history does not repeat itself – but it rhymes” can help us better understand and appreciate events that unfolded on Knoxville’s Fort Sanders Hill on Aug. 26.

    Those incidents might, in turn, help us make sense of and qualify Twain’s puzzling message.

  • Roane’s air clean, EPA says

    Roane was one of five counties to receive an “attainment” designation for particle pollution from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last week.

    State officials said the designation of the counties means all of Tennessee is now in compliance with federal air quality health standards for particle pollution.

  • Make way for Muir

    From staff reports

    Preparations are almost complete for the first Muir Fest at Fort Southwest Point in Kingston this Saturday.

    Kingston is celebrating the 150th anniversary of naturalist John Muir’s walk through Roane County into Kingston on Sept. 12, 1867.

    As part of the program, The Roane Alliance will announce one lucky winner for the Soak in Roane prize pack worth more than $1,000.

  • Rockwood given home to demolish

    A pair of homeowners are giving the city of Rockwood their property after its been ruled unfit for habitation.

    Clarence and Charlotte Williams are transferring their property at 725 N. Chamberlain Ave. to the city. The Rockwood City Council approved a resolution to accept the property at their meeting late last month.

    “They are willing so we are willing,” said Councilman Dudley Evans, who made the motion to accept the resolution.

  • Schoolbound teen injured in crash

    From staff reports

    A teen was injured on Pansy Hill on the way to school the morning of Aug. 31.

    Harriman Police worked the accident involving a female teen who lost control of the truck she was driving and was transported for medical treatment.

    The juvenile had been traveling north on Pansy Hill that morning. Police believe the wet roads and speed may have been factors in the accident.