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  • County gives city dwellers property tax hike

    The Roane County Commission approved a budget and set the property tax rates for the 2011-12 fiscal year during its regular meeting on Monday.

    The rates will rise for city property owners while rural taxpayers get a slight reduction.

  • Rumors in error on Mason tax debt

    Sometimes things are not what they seem.

    The Roane County News recently received a tip saying Harriman Mayor Chris Mason owes delinquent 2010 property taxes on his former home at 510 Margrave Drive.

    And while records seem to indicate that he does, county officials say that is not the case — and it is the buyer who actually owes on the taxes.

    The distinction is important because the Harriman City Charter requires that elected municipal officials not be indebted to the city, county or state when taking their oath of office.

  • SmartSource coupons return to the paper

    Few products offer individuals the opportunity to save more than they spend. Starting July 15, the Roane County News will give readers this opportunity with the return of SmartSource coupons.

    Inside the Roane County News each week, readers will find a coupon package regularly valued at approximately $75 or more in savings through manufacturer, retail and restaurant coupons. Subscribers will usually find they can recoup the cost of a subscription in just one week of coupon savings.

  • County ambulance burns

    A county ambulance caught on fire Sunday at Roane Medical Center.  

    “No one was hurt,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “It was put out real quick by the Harriman Fire Department.”

    Woody said the fire wasn’t inside the ambulance, but underneath the chassis.

    He said they believe the ambulance had a faulty air conditioner, which caused the fire.

  • Pot plot found, eradicated

    A marijuana-growing operation was discovered on Monday by a helicopter working with the Governor’s Task Force on Marijuana Eradication.

    Jason Poore, the east team leader for the task force, said the marijuana plants were spread out over five locations South of the River.

    About 2,470 plants ranging in height from 8 inches to 10 feet were discovered.

    “Some of it had probably been out there for two and a half months,” Poore said. “It was still about a month or more from being ready to harvest.”

  • Luther Mayton

    Luther Mayton, 81, of Harriman, formerly of Oliver Springs, died Saturday, July 9, 2011, in Harriman Health Care and Rehabilitation Center.

  • Supreme Court to give another look to broadcast decency

    First Amendment Center
    The U.S. Supreme Court will consider next term whether to uphold or throw out the government’s rules about what broadcasters can put on over-the-airwaves TV when young children may be watching.

  • Credit debt dwindling, but still a big problem

    While a recent study indicates that overall credit card debt has declined over the last year, with average cardholder debt still topping $6,500, paying off balances is an ongoing struggle for many consumers.
    A person with $6,500 in credit card debt at an 18-percent interest rate will take 25 years to pay off their debt if they only make the minimum monthly payments.
    In addition to the $6,500 principal, cardholders will pay an additional $9,173 in interest, meaning that $6,500 in purchases will cost the consumer $15,673.

  • RSCC Youth Leadership Academy teaches students important lessons

    Effective leadership requires organization, a commitment to teamwork and an open mind.
    Students participating in the Roane County Youth Leadership Academy at Roane State Community College were taught these lessons and many others during the weeklong program in June.
    The six rising high school seniors participated in classroom discussions about leadership and in numerous exercises designed to teach them to work together.

  • IMPRESSIONS by Johnny Teglas: Looking for value in hard times? Here’s help

    Like you, I’m pretty much a very, very loyal grocery shopper.
    Over the years, I’ve chosen to spend money with folks who spend theirs with me.
    Hence, I search their ads in the newspaper each week to determine what I am going to buy where.
    I honestly can’t recall a moment when I went out on a “jag” and plunked down serious cash for an item I hadn’t thought out.
    Well, I guess I do have to admit I once rushed out to a convenience store on Christmas morning for batteries for one of Jon Clark’s Christmas gifts.