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  • Sweet treat
  • This week's diamond schedule

    Monday, March 21

    Oliver Springs at Oneida (Softball/Baseball)

    Stone Memorial at Kingston (Softball/Baseball)


  • Ratajczak named TWRA Wildlife chief

    Daryl Ratajczak has been named Chief of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s Division of Wildlife and Forestry. His new appointment is effective immediately.

  • Roane's golf courses offer challenges, great value

    While prices of just about everything have skyrocketed over the past 10 years, one thing that has remained about the same is the economical value of playing golf in Roane County.

  • Bulls win KOC title


  • Redefining the public's right to know is critical

    This Sunshine Week, a time when we reflect on the public’s right to know and the importance of open government, isn’t it time to address the Pandora’s box left open by the U.S. Supreme Court last year?
    In two landmark decisions — Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and, subsequently, Speech Now v. Federal Election Commission — the Supreme Court radically altered longstanding campaign finance disclosure requirements.

  • A View from Lick Skillet: Look out Constitution! Big Bill Ketron strikes again

    That noble document, the Constitution of the United States, is ofttimes praised and supposedly relied upon by the rabid, radical, right-wing, reactionary Republicans, yet, how often they do go on ad nauseam about some action they propose which is plainly and specifically outlawed by the said Constitution.
    Take for instance the issuance of currency.
    Article One, Section Eight, Clause Five, vests in the Congress the power to coin money.
    And, Article One, Section Ten, Clause One, forbids any state from coining money or emitting bills of credit.

  • Who has filed for city office?

    Harriman's mayoral race and a bustling Rockwood City Council could make this summer's municipal elections edgy ones.
    Harriman Mayor Chris Mason has filed to run for reelection. He will being going up against  former Harriman fire chief Wayne Best.
    Eight people are vying for three full term seats on Rockwood City Council.
    They are Billy Joe Sexton Jr., Jane R. Long, Jason Jolly, Mike Freeman, Mike Giles, Ronald Harwell, Tasha Clark and Ray Collett, who is seeking reelection.

  • Gypsy moths being fought in Roane

    State and federal officials are teaming together to take on a soft-bellied, delicate but tough enemy.
     The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, is planning to eradicate gypsy moth infestations in Roane, Bledsoe and Cumberland counties.
    The 53-acre-area affected in Roane is around the Philadelphia community near the Meigs County line.
    Public informational meetings will be held for area residents who would like information about this forest health issue and the treatment plan.

  • Stillman punishment extended 3 years

    A former Roane County attorney's year-long suspension was extended by three years this month by the Tennessee Supreme Court.
    A news release from the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee said that Kathy B. Stillman, Knoxville, will have to pay $875 in restitution to a client and be surpervised by a practice monitor for six months as a condition to her reinstatement.
    The board release said that Stillman violated disciplinary rules by abandoning a case and failing to respond to the board.