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  • Harriman up for business growth spurt

    Harriman may be seeing more business growth in Midtown and downtown.

    A preliminary plat will be presented to the city’s planning commission this month for a small retail space next to Weigel’s Farm Store and in front of Physicians Medical Plaza.

    Officials will likely be looking at that at the Harriman Regional Planning Commission meeting on Oct. 21.

    “They are scheduled to come to the planning commission this month,” said building inspector Maria Nelson.

  • Whose road is it, anyway? Committee asked to rule if private drive or county lane

    Some residents don’t want to see Roane County take ownership of what they believe is a private drive — but they are concerned that might be exactly what happens.

    “It is private property,” maintained Brian Mullins. “It is a private drive, and that is how we intend to keep it.”

    Mullins said he and his siblings own property that includes a portion of the private drive, which Mullins said starts off Chamberlain Cove Road. Their property once belonged to their late mother.

  • Cobb’s estate wins judgment

    James Cobb’s estate won a judgment against Tammy Rosado in Roane County General Ses-sions Court earlier this month.

    Cobb died at the University of Tennessee Medical Center on April 7, 2012, days after Rosado reportedly shot him at a home on Rosedale Avenue in Kingston.

    Rosado, who was in a relationship with Cobb, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in July and received a five-year prison sentence.

    The estate filed suit against Rosado a few months after Cobb’s death over a 2010 Hyundai Accent.

  • Rockwood seeing progress in cleanup of city eyesores

    Houses continue to be razed in Rockwood.

    “People can really see the cleanup we are getting done in this community,” said Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller.

    Cleanup was one of the most-often cited issues during the 2014 city election. Steps continue to be made toward that progress.

    Most recently, Rockwood officials moved forward with relinquishing the property which was the former Myrle’s Florist and former Dandron and Webb property at 128 and 130 Chamberlain Ave. and the demolition and sale of property at 526 W. Rockwood St.

  • Chili time! Firehouse staple helps West Roane raise funds to help the community

    Chili is every bit as associated with firehouses as big red trucks and Dalmatians.

    West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department served up some five-alarm chili recently that will eventually help fight five-alarm fires.

    The dinner at Grande Vista Bay clubhouse was a fundraiser for the department in an effort to come up with $10,166. That’s the amount required to receive a $213,000 grant that will purchase a new fire truck for the department.

  • Kingston Public Library: Check out new books

    New books at Kingston Public Library include:

    “After the Storm: A Kate Burkholder Novel” by Linda Castillo

    “Armada: A Novel” by Ernest Cline

    “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

    “The Billion Dollar Spy: A True Story of Cold War Espionage and Betrayal” by David E. Hoffman

    “The Bourbon Kings” by J.R. Ward

    “Devil’s Bridge (An Alexandra Cooper Novel)” by Linda Fairstein

  • It’s official: Tax rate $1 per $100 valuation in Rockwood

    Rockwood City Council passed the city’s $1 per $100 valuation property tax last week.

    “It passed unanimously,” said Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller.

    Officials are anxious to mail out tax bills to property owners.

    Rockwood offers a small discount to property owners who pay their taxes early. The bills are usually out by now, with the discounted period ending Oct. 31.

    Because of this year’s delay in bills, city officials recently approved giving residents more time.

  • Blow, blow, blow your boat

    Tiger Scout Jaden Garcia of Harriman takes a practice trip down the track at the annual Rain-gutter Regatta at Harriman’s David Webb Riverfront Park.

    He’s a member of Cub Scout Pack 103, which meets at 6:30 p.m. each Tuesday in Trenton Street Baptist Church, Harriman.

  • Bldgs.down, road closed

    Harriman’s block of Miller & Brewer buildings is down, and the next step will be backfilling the vacant lots on a slope.

    “We thought once they got started they’d get it down fast,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “It is in their best interest.”

    A timeline estimates the project’s completion by Oct. 31.

    Harriman City Manager Kevin Helms said he’s not certain when the portion of Roane Street in front of the properties will be opened.

  • Feds fund drug court

    Roane County officials learned this month the county was awarded a $350,000 federal grant for its proposed drug court.

    “We hope it will help save a lot of people — that is No. 1,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said. “Through our drug court we hope we can rehabilitate some of” our citizens.

    “We hope this will be successfully implemented, and we’ll see a positive impact in the community,” he added.