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  • Mysterious pothole angels earn Kingston resident’s respect

    Some teenagers’ goodwill touched a resident of Kingston’s Woodhaven subdivision.

    F.R. Reed said he saw three young people fixing a large pothole on Dogwood Drive, near where it intersects with Kentucky Street.

    “They did a pretty good job,” said Reed.

    “Two were out with shovels digging it out. Another had a bucket and looked like he was mixing cement,” added Reed.

    Reed said he’d told Kingston officials about the large pothole.

  • GUEST OPINION: Yager lists options for staying in touch during sessions


    12th District State Senator

    The 109th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee will convene at noon on Jan. 13 for an organizational session.

    Among other items on the agenda, the Senate and House of Representatives will elect their speakers and adopt rules for the 2015 and 2016 legislative sessions. At the end of the week, on Jan. 17, we will inaugurate the state’s 49th governor, Bill Haslam, to begin his second four-year term.

  • GLIMPSES: Banker back on education topic


    Author’s note: The following three premises are essential to this column.

    1) None of us sees the past or present with absolute clarity; 2) Each of us has the capacity for glimpses of informed insight that draw from and reflect our personal values; and 3) Cordial, forthright exchange of those insights enhances our mutual well being.

    Best wishes to all for 2015! I particularly thank those who responded positively to the several columns that appeared under my name in late-summer 2014.

  • Kingston boys fall to Loudon

    After Kingston’s 67-51 loss to Loudon on Monday night, Yellow Jackets head coach Colt Narramore didn’t pull any punches.

    “We stunk,” Narramore said. “We shot it really bad. For some reason we don’t shoot it well. We don’t play hard either. When we struggle offensively, for some reason our defense just slacks off.

  • Wild world of strange: The SEC’s SEC bias

    While most of Tennessee was celebrating the Vols’ dismantling of Iowa in the TaxSlayer bowl, something was off.

    Every year since the classic 2006 match up between Vince Young’s Texas Longhorns and Matt Lienart’s USC Trojans, one thing has always been consistent, an SEC team would play for the National Championship.

    Following the Pac 12-Big 12 showdown, the Southeastern Conference went on a historic run of seven straight championships.

    Florida twice, LSU once, Auburn once and, of course, Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide with three.

  • Kingston girls overcome early mishaps, down Loudon

    It took 16 second half points from Kingston’s Taylor Thurman to make up for an uneven first half against Loudon, but it was enough for Kingston to walk away with the 53-50 victory.

    “Taylor Thurman absolutely came out and played on fire in the second half,” Kingston head coach Connie Guinn said. “I think when you get one player like that, that gives it all she’s got, it filters to the rest of the team. I think that was a spark for us that we needed in the second half.”

  • Allow me to reintroduce myself

    For those of you who know me well, seeing my name appear in today’s edition of the Roane County News is no surprise. It’s a move many of you knew was coming.

    The rest of you, however, probably have no idea who I am, but I’m taking going to take up several of today’s valuable column inches to clear that up.

    My name is Bradley Keith Stringfield, and, effective Dec . 29, I became the sports editor at the Roane County News.

    Don’t stop reading now. It gets better.

  • Sunbright boys falls to Kingston

    Following its Day 1 victory over Wartburg in the Harriman Christmas Classic, Kingston defeated Sunbright 67-32.

    “We just wanted to get our younger guys some reps in,” Yellow Jackets head coach Colt Narramore said. “I think the older guys did a good job of taking care of business early so our younger guys could play a bunch.

    “It’s always good to get those young guys some playing time, especially around Christmas.”

  • Tigers drop Indians in Christmas Tournament

    Speed may kill, but, as the Rockwood Tigers proved on Tuesday night, defense decimates as they took a 52-34 win over the Oneida Indians.

    The Tigers roared to life throughout the first period with a 14-4 swing as Jason Gaus (7 points) led the Tigers early on.

    Rockwood padded that lead to 23-8 at the half with a 9-4 swing through period number two with Isiah Jones (3 points) leading the Tigers in second period scoring.

  • Rockwood offense struggles in loss to Oneida

    Despite keeping it close early, the Rockwood girls fell to Oneida 34-21.

    “I felt like we played hard,” Rockwood head coach Amy Breazeale said. “I feel like we are getting better at what we do, and that’s what this tournament is about.”

    The Lady Tigers held with Oneida in the first quarter, only trailing 11-8, thanks in part to Lexie Hill.