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  • From Austria to Oak Ridge: Changing the world with a secret

    I was born and spent my first 17 years in Vienna, Austria. My mother tongue was, of course, German, and my foreign languages consisted of two years of French and six years of Latin. No English!

    When I joined the American branch of my family in Philadelphia, Pa., at the age of 17, it didn’t take me too long to realize that I could not expect to ask any local gal for a date in German. So I had a powerful incentive to crash-learn the “new” language of English as fast as I could.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Uniforms don’t always produce uniformity

    Last week’s shooting by police, and of police, brought to the fore once again the nation’s seemingly never-ending trauma arising from the troubled relationship betwixt the negro and Caucasian races that has existed since the first days of the colonies in the early 1600s.

  • Today’s the deadline for entering cobbler contest

    Those wishing to participate in Harriman’s Fruit Cobbler Festival need to register by today, Monday, July 11, to compete.

    Those wishing to compete can visit www.cityofharriman.net or the city’s Facebook page for details.

    Cornstalk Heights Historical Community Association is providing homemade ice cream to go with the cobblers.

    Rebecca Schwepfinger, the city’s special events coordinator and public relations officer, said the festival, from 5 to 8 p.m. July 23, concludes with a screening of children’s movie Big Hero 6 at dark.

  • High winds leave many powerless, toss around trampolines and debris

    Thunderstorms blowing through the area Thursday evening left broken trees, power outages and blew items ranging from a portable toilet to a trampoline far from their homes.

    Robert and Jo Riggsby returned to their home on Emory River Road near Kingston to find an addition to their lawn: a trampoline that had made its way from a neighboring yard.

    “To pull up to your yard and see that is a shock,” Jo Riggsby said Friday. “You can’t even see their house from our house. It was in their yard; now it’s in ours.”

  • Change of venue sought

    A defense motion for a change of venue was discussed during a hearing on July 6 in a Roane County child starvation case from 2012.

    Circuit Court Judge Mike Pemberton is expected to give his decision on the motion this week.

    Matthew and Amanda Dotson face first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse charges in the death of their 2-year-old son Clifford.

    Roane County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Art Wolff said preliminary autopsy results showed that Clifford died of severe malnutrition.

  • Harriman Wendy’s among those hit by massive breach


    Harriman’s Wendy’s Restaurant was one of a number of the fast food chains impacted by malware that allowed hackers to steal debit and credit card data from customers.

    According to Wendy’s website, customers who purchased items with payment cards at the Harriman restaurant between Jan. 13 and June 8 may have had their information compromised.

  • High winds hit Kingston solar farm

    A Thursday evening storm that blew through Kingston damaged the solar farm behind the city’s water plant.

    Several panels were strewn around the farm, and the frames holding up others were bent.

    “That took a lot of wind to pick that up and twist it like that,” City Manager David Bolling said Friday.

    Bolling, Kingston Mayor Tim Neal and City Councilman Don White were at the plant Friday morning assessing the damage.

  • Momentum slow on November city races

    Municipal elections in Oliver Springs, Kingston and Rockwood will all coincide with the presidential election this year.

    It is the first time for the municipalities to hold elections on the same day as the presidential one, and was chosen as a cost-saving measure. Harriman’s city elections coincide with the August county elections.

    The first day to pick up petitions for the Nov. 8 ballot was May 20, and candidates have until noon Aug. 18 to return them, said officials with the Roane County Election Commission.

  • State Supreme Court to hear McFarland judge appeal in September

    The Tennessee Supreme Court plans to hear Tom McFarland’s appeal of his election complaint on Sept. 8 at the appellate court building in Knoxville.

    McFarland lost to Mike Pemberton in the 2014 race for circuit court judge of the 9th Judicial District.

    Afterward, McFarland filed a complaint in Roane County Chancery Court against Pemberton, the Roane County Election Commission and Tennessee Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins.

    McFarland appealed to the Supreme Court after two lower courts tossed out his complaint.

  • Woman found guilty of purse theft at church on Easter Sunday

    A woman was convicted of felony theft in Roane County Criminal Court on Thursday.

    Assistant District Attorney General Bob Edwards said the jury took less than an hour to find Cortney Armour guilty.

    She’s scheduled to be sentenced later this year.

    “We got a conviction for what we charged, so that’s always good,” Edwards said.

    The incident happened on Easter Sunday 2014 at Emory Heights Baptist Church in Harriman.

    Edwards said the victim, Shirley Bullard, had her purse stolen by Armour.