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  • One dead in shooting

    Harriman police are investigating a shooting death at 225 Harding Street on Saturday, Dec. 30.

    Officials identified the victim as Jacob Christian Sizemore, 31.

    At presstime, police had a suspect whose name they were not releasing.

    “We don’t know right now whether or not he is a suspect,” said Harriman Police Chief Derek Pacifico. “We have a person who is freely talking to our investigators admitting to being the shooter.”

    Pacifico said the incident could be one of two things — self-defense or murder.

  • Police say woman tried R2-D2 heist on premiere’s eve

    From staff reports

    The Force was not with a Jamestown woman accused of stealing a Star Wars R2-D2 toy at Rockwood Walmart the day before the latest installment of the blockbuster movie franchise premiered in theaters.

    Joyce Faye Young, 48, 1185 Terry Lane, Jamestown, is charged with simple possession or casual exchange and theft of property conduct involving merchandise in the incident on Dec. 14.

  • Rockwood grocer brawls with another suspected shoplifter

    Rockwood IGA grocery store owner Roger Sharp reportedly scuffled with another alleged shoplifter last week.

    The suspect, 19-year-old Kristian A. Draper, is facing six charges in the incident.

    According to the report, Rockwood Police Officer Charles Haubrich responded to the store on Dec. 28 at 6:35 p.m.

    “When I arrived I spoke with the complainant/owner, Mr. Roger Sharp,” the report said. “Mr. Sharp said he watched a white male place a bottle of throat spray in his jacket and attempt to walk out without paying for it.”

  • Multi-county operation leads to more than 30 theft arrests

    From staff reports

    A multi-agency operation including the Roane County Sheriff’s Office and Rockwood Police Department led to numerous arrests in an effort to deter retail theft at stores in Loudon and Roane counties during this holiday season.

  • No clues in purse napping

    Rockwood police are investigating a theft that occurred at Victorian Square.

    The incident was reported on Dec. 23, and the alleged victim is an elderly resident at the assisted living facility.

    “The purse of Lola Fickey was reported stolen out of her room overnight,” Rockwood officer Jared Hall wrote in his report.

    “I was told that earlier in the week $40 was taken from her purse along with checks drawn on Regions Bank.”

  • Driver who struck child still at large

    From staff reports

    Harriman police were still searching for a suspect who struck and injured a child in Harriman last week.

    “A juvenile was hit with a pickup truck. The suspect took off, drove down a couple of streets, crashed into another mailbox on a different street and then bailed out of the vehicle and took off running,” said Sgt. Cody Guge last week.

    “At this time the suspect is still unknown but our investigations unit is currently working to identify the suspect,” Guge added.

  • THP grant to boost BELTS

    The Tennessee Highway Patrol has received $100,000 in traffic safety grant funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    The THP will use the money to provide increased enforcement and public awareness campaigns in an effort to reduce serious injury and fatal crashes on state roadways in 2018.

    The THP continues to target seat belt usage across the state. The BELTS program will provide funding to allow state troopers to enhance the current seat belt usage rate of 88.5 percent.

  • INSIDE the First AMENDMENT: Too lazy to read it? Then don’t share it

    By Lata Nott

    You sometimes suspect that you’re not as well-informed as you should be.

    When you read about that study that found that middle school kids were unable to distinguish paid advertisements from news stories, you shook your head sadly — then secretly wondered if you would do much better.

  • Kingston official part of leadership program

    Kingston City Council member Stephanie Wright was one of close to 30 Tennessee city and county officials who recently attended the Local Government Leadership Program.

    The Program was hosted by the UT Institute for Public Service’s Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership.

    The officials who attended the two-and-a-half-day program in Knoxville were invited by the UT County Technical Assistance Service and the UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service, sister agencies of the Naifeh Center.