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    After only a little more than a year on the job, Harriman Police Chief Derek Pacifico suddenly resigned this weekend.

    “It has always been my goal to raise the Harriman Police Department to industry standards in professionalism and police work,” he wrote in a letter posted online Saturday.

    “Although there is still much to do, it has come time for a change in leadership. As such, as of midnight Sunday the 22nd, I have resigned my position as Chief of Police.”

  • School plan to go on ballot?

    Another Roane County commissioner is expressing support for a referendum on the Roane County Board of Education’s $68 million building plan. The latest is District 2 Commissioner Randy Ellis.

    “There’s so much back and forth — and the people want to have a voice and vote on this,” he said Monday.

    The County Commission is scheduled to discuss the school board’s proposal during a work session at Roane County High School on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

  • 5th suspect in stabbing, shooting jailed

    A fifth suspect in the stabbing and shooting assault of a man on Margrave Drive is now in custody.

    Zakary Edward Perrine is charged with especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, criminal responsibility for attempted first-degree murder, criminal responsibility for especially aggravated robbery, criminal responsibility for especially aggravated kidnapping and criminal responsibility for aggravated assault.

  • Board keeps $68 million price tag on program

    The Roane County Board of Education vowed to make some cuts to its $68 million building plan during a joint work session at Roane State Community College last month.

    “We’ll cut every place we can cut to bring this price down,” Board Member Mike “Brillo” Miller pledged on March 27.

    “As Mr. Miller said, we’ll do our best to cut it down,” Board Member Danny Wright added.

    That didn’t happen on Thursday.

  • Harriman police chief resigns

    Less than two years on the job, Harriman Police Chief Derek Pacifico has resigned.

    “Although there is still much to do, it has come time for a change in leadership,” Pacifico said in a letter posted on the Harriman Police Department’s Facebook page. “As such, as of midnight Sunday the 22nd, I have resigned my position as Chief of Police.”

    A post from Pacifico said the letter was sent to the men and women of the Harriman Police Department.

  • Calfee proud to serve 32nd District three terms

    Incumbent 32nd District State Representative Kent Calfee, R-Kingston, will look to secure his fourth term in the November 2018 election.

    “I want to continue adding on to the successes of my last six years,” Calfee said.

    A former Roane County Commissioner and part-time farmer who retired from Oak Ridge National Lab, Calfee said he is proud to have been a part of the legislative effort to fund and promote higher education.

    Last year he carried the bill in the house that would expand participation in community colleges.

  • Blencoe hopes her bid for office inspires Dems

    Mary Ellen Blencoe, Democratic candidate for the 32nd District State House of Representatives seat, is enthusiastic about being a part of the election process even though she admits that she might not even be living in Roane County come the Novemeber election.

    Backed by Roane County Democratic party leaders wearing “Blue Wave” t-shirts that symbolize the party hopes for the 2018 election, Blencoe told the meeting of local Democrats that she made the decision to run as more of a statement of encouragement to Democrat voters and candidates.

  • Work session on new school now at RCHS

    The site of the Roane County Commission’s April 26 work session has changed.

    The work session was previously scheduled to take place at the Roane County Courthouse, but Commission Chairman Ron Berry said it will now be held at the Roane County High School auditorium.

    He said crowd accommodation is the reason behind the change.

    “We may not have 20 people there, but if we have 100 people there I don’t want them to not be able to listen,” Berry said.

  • Suspected drug deal linked to gunshot victim

    A man walked into Roane Medical Center on Thursday around 5:30 p.m. with a gunshot wound.

    Law enforcement authorities said he was shot during a suspected drug deal gone bad on Fred Davis Junior Road.

    “Instead of selling pills they were going to rob him,” Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said on Friday.

    “So we got what looks like a robbery and a dope deal gone bad combination.”

    Stockton identified the shooting victim as John R. Lakin.